Everything about pregnancy

You want a baby. This decision creates a whole stream of new events with exciting moments, happiness and sometimes setbacks. The icing on the cake is of course the arrival of your child. A moment that you may already be looking forward to. But before you can take your baby in your arms you first have to get pregnant, go through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and give birth. That is not just something! That is why we have devoted a complete website to everything about pregnancy. Think of determining your menstrual cycle, your fertility and reliable pregnancy tests.

Also during your pregnancy you can find enough information about everything that you can deal with. For example the well-known pregnancy ailments and how about a pregnancy calendar in which you can read exactly what happens in your body every week? Curious what you can expect on our website? You read it below.

Everything about pregnancy and getting pregnant

It sometimes seems very easy to go, but getting pregnant is not something that happens to you. At least not with most women. A woman is not fertile 365 days a year. But the fertility of a woman is the highest for several days a month.

To find out when your fertile days are, it is useful if you have insight into your menstrual cycle. On the basis of your cycle you can calculate when your ovulation is. Especially in the days just before ovulation, you are very fertile. At ZoZwanger you can find everything about how you can trace your menstrual cycle, what ovulation is and on which days it is good to crawl with your partner between the sheets!

Tips to boost your fertility

There are certain lifestyle choices that can make you less fertile. If you want to become pregnant, you probably want to do everything possible to achieve this as soon as possible. That is why we give you lots of information and tips on Zo Zwanger. Are you already aware of the dangers of alcohol before your pregnancy?

You probably already knew that smoking when you are pregnant is a bad idea, but did you know that smoking can also reduce your fertility? In addition to alcohol and smoking, nutrition also plays an important role in your overall health and therefore also the chance of becoming pregnant.

For example, there are certain vitamins and minerals that can promote fertility. This does not only apply to women, men also benefit from ensuring that they get the right nutrients or supplements! It may be a lot, but do not worry, on our website you can find all this information and take it easy. We also provide you with tips on how to eat healthier and to stop smoking, for example.

Am I pregnant?

Every month it will be exciting again: will your period be or not? Are you pregnant or do you have to wait another month? The absence of your period can be the first sign that you are pregnant. But some women are pregnant and have a period of time. Although this is not a real menstrual period, it can of course cause some confusion, but we will explain to you how this comes about.

A second signal indicating that you are in good expectation may be the first pregnancy ailments. For example, think of morning sickness. Of course you will only know if you have done a pregnancy test. You can buy these at the drugstore, but we also have an online pregnancy test waiting for you.

We also give you nice ideas to announce your pregnancy to your family and you can find a handy overview on the site about nutrition you can or can not eat during pregnancy.

Really everything about pregnancy

If you are pregnant, especially if it is the first time, you naturally want to know everything about pregnancy. What happens in your body? What can you expect, how does your baby develop and what pregnancy symptoms can you suffer from? Under the heading pregnancy you give information about all these questions. Do you want to know how your baby is developing and how big and heavy your baby is? In our pregnancy calendar you can follow your pregnancy from week to week.

We explain exactly how big your baby is by comparing the size with a fruit or vegetables. That way you can visualize better. In addition, we indicate which organs or body parts are being developed and what your baby can do this week.

Of course we do not forget you as a pregnant woman. In our pregnancy calendar we also indicate what happens in your body, for example which pregnancy hormones are screaming through your body and what effect they have on your body and possibly also your state of mind.

Thanks to our extensive information we hope to guide you step by step to the moment of truth: the birth. For example, you can also read information about the contractions that you can already feel during your pregnancy. With all our information we indicate which steps you can take to make your pregnancy a bit more comfortable. Hopefully you will benefit a lot!

Prenatal control and your midwife

Of course you are not alone during your pregnancy. Of course you have support from your partner, friends and family. In addition, you have a midwife and of course your doctor who can provide you with medical care and information. Yet it is always nice to gather all information about that midwife. Under the heading 'Prenatal control' you can find everything you need to know about these checks.

For example information about the tasks of an obstetrician, how the midwife assists you during your entire pregnancy and delivery and when your prenatal checks are about. These checks include all ultrasounds and tests that can be taken during your pregnancy. For example, the chorionic test or neck fold measurement.

You can also read which echoes are executed as standard and what you can expect. During an ultrasound you can hear the heartbeat of the baby. A very nice and soothing sound! Do you also want to listen to the heartbeat of your baby at home? On our website you will find all the information and possibilities to enjoy the beating of your baby's heart at home.

Share and read experiences about pregnancy

Factual information about your pregnancy is of course very interesting, but experiences from others can sometimes be very nice to read. Sometimes you get the best answers from women who have already experienced it. Our experience is that many women find support, strength and reassurance in these experiences of others. Whether you want to know how you can get rid of your nausea or share an unpleasant experience: at ZoZwanger you are not alone. That is why our experience blog is a beautiful and important part of the website.

Everything about the delivery

After about 40 weeks, the moment is there: the delivery! For many new mothers, this is an exciting moment in which they rejoice and sometimes also look a little bit upset. The first thing that is important to think about is whether you opt for a home birth or hospital delivery. Both have advantages and disadvantages and if your baby is healthy, it mainly depends on your personal preference. On our website you will find all the advantages and disadvantages and you can also read what the procedure is.

Sometimes it is not possible to choose and you have to give birth in the hospital. For example if you like to use pain control. We will also provide you with all the information about this.

Phases of delivery

Your child is not born at once. It is also not the case that your webs break and you can immediately press (as many films and series make you believe). A delivery is much slower and has several phases. Especially when you are pregnant with your first baby, it may be helpful to go through our stages of delivery. This may help you to fall into stress less quickly if you feel a cramp in your stomach. There are different types of contractions that do not just mean that you actually gave birth.

Everything about Caesarean section

Sometimes it is necessary that a caesarean is performed. For example, in a breech presentation or previous problems with your pregnancy. You can also find everything about this on our website. We even posted an incredibly impressive video of a caesarean section on the website. Really beautiful to see!

All about being a mother

Sometimes future mothers are so preoccupied with pregnancy and childbirth that thinking about the time after birth is a bit worse, whereas this is an important period. If you become a mother for the first time, it is of course quite exciting. Small things such as breastfeeding, taking off a romper, how to use a nursing bra and how to let your baby sleep are sometimes more difficult than you think.

In addition to information about the subjects mentioned, you can also read about flasks and breast pumps, teats for your baby, how to hold a baby and what baby clothing you should have at least on the day your little one is born.

Not only the practical information will be of great help, also our information about your state of mind and your body. For example, do you notice that you are also struggling with depression instead of happiness? Or do you suffer from crying tears (maternity tears or baby blues)? Do not worry, it's much more common than you think and we'll tell you all that. We also give you some useful tips for losing weight after pregnancy!

Everything about sleeping

One of the first things that will change after the birth of your child is your sleep rhythm. Think of broken nights. There is one person who has a big contribution to this and that is your little uk. In our section 'sleeping baby' we give you as much information as possible about how you can let your child sleep, how you ensure a good sleep rhythm and when the moment arrives that your child will sleep through. Is your baby inconsolable? Maybe you have something to do with our tips on how to stop a crying baby.

Optimal care for your baby

Your life with a child is mainly about your child and you do not mind that as a parent. But sometimes the care of your baby can raise a lot of questions. On our website we try to answer these questions as much as possible how you can give your baby a bath, everything about administering vitamin K, how to make your baby clean and useful tips for your baby in the sun.

Everything about baby ailments

A cheerful laughing baby is what we prefer to see, but unfortunately there are many baby ailments that your child can have to deal with. These ailments can make you pretty worried. Often it helps if you have already had some information about the ailments and what you can do to make it as comfortable as possible for your baby.

We have a handy overview of the 10 most common baby ailments for you. In addition, you can find a lot of information about your baby's fever or a cold and what you can do. We also inform you about how to prevent or treat diaper rash and how you can support your baby with colic. Of course it is always wise to also inform your midwife or general practitioner!

Everything about pregnancy and always looking for more

All the topics we mentioned in this article are just a selection of what we have on our website. When we say that we everything about pregnancy have described, then we also mean everything. Well almost everything, because the developments and news about pregnancy never stop. The ZoZwanger employees are still busy every day to collect everything about pregnancy and to pass it on to you. This way we constantly monitor new developments and interesting findings. In addition, we pay a lot of attention to current topics.

Our website is never finished. There is always something new to write about pregnancy and we really like that. Getting pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are subjects that never get bored and are always interesting.

Do you also want to stay informed about everything about pregnancy? Then follow the ZoZwanger Facebook page and you will immediately know when we have posted something new again! Do you know a nice topic or do you want more information about something that is not yet on the website? Let us know and we will write a nice blog or article for you with love!

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