Why does a baby die in the womb during pregnancy?

It is something incredibly horrible: a miscarriage, stillbirth or a baby died in the stomach. You should not think about it, but it can happen. Have you already read the intense and sad story of a father who tells about the period in which he lost his daughter after 38 weeks of pregnancy? If you happen to such a thing, there is one question that you keep asking yourself: why does a baby die in the womb? during the pregnancy? Because if we know what causes it, maybe we can do something to prevent a baby from getting killed in the stomach. Nobody wants to experience that sadness. This question has been asked in several forums and I have collected the answers for you.

Miscarriages in the first weeks

One speaks of a miscarriage when the fetus or fetus is born before the 16th week of pregnancy. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the risk of a miscarriage is greatest, no less than 50%.

In the beginning there can be a lot of 'wrong'. For example, the fertilized egg can not be implanted in the uterus because, for example, the woman is ill or has drunk a lot of alcohol. But it is also common that nature repels the fertilized egg because something went wrong in cell division. These 'mistakes' of nature dissolve your body itself in this early stage. The fruit would have been too weak to survive. Read all about the chance of a miscarriage here.

Causes and the chance of death of a baby after the second trimester

The chance of your baby's death after the second trimester is very small, but 0.5%. In that period we speak of a untimely birth. According to the University of California, the following causes in 50% of the untimely births are the explanation of why a baby dies in the womb during pregnancy:

  • Operation in the cervix.
  • Use of illegal drugs, especially cocaine.
  • Deviations from the fetus.
  • Infections in the womb (mainly occurs in developing countries).
  • Problems of the uterus such as an abnormal shape or fibroids.
  • Health problems of the mother such as thyroid disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Lupus (autoimmune disease)
  • Hereditary conditions that can increase the risk of blood clots in the legs or lungs.
  • Serious convulsions.
  • Injury (such as accidental injury)

Other causes why a baby dies in the womb

In addition to the above causes, there are more reasons why a baby dies in the womb but that are very rare and yet have occurred:

  • Baby dies in the womb by umbilical cord

    It sometimes happens that a baby has died in the stomach because it was strangled (it sounds very awful) by the umbilical cord. During the growth of the baby, the umbilical cord becomes longer and longer and your baby can become entangled in it.

  • Blood clot in the umbilical cord

    It has happened that a baby died in the uterus because there was a blood clot in the umbilical cord. Because of this blood clot, no oxygen and nutrients were transported to the baby who unfortunately died.

  • Poor nutrition and starvation

    It is possible that a bad dietary pattern of the mother is the reason why a baby dies in the womb. When you eat badly or starve yourself, your baby gets too few nutrients to survive.

Smoking and alcohol may not be the cause of stillbirth

Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol can increase the risk of miscarriage. But if you have been pregnant for more than 20 weeks, your baby's death will not be caused by smoking or alcohol. This does not mean that you have to do this. Smoking when you are pregnant is still very harmful to your baby. Just as alcohol can also lead to abnormalities of your baby or other unpleasant consequences. But alcohol and smoking will therefore be less likely to cause one baby dies in the womb.

Getting children is a miracle!

If you think about it, it is a great wonder that a healthy baby is born. At fertilization and finally birth there is a lot to look at: ovulation, quality of the egg and sperm, fertility male and female, pregnancy hormones, condition of the uterus, successful combination of the DNA, implantation, cell division, growth and development of the child And so on. A million processes must go well in order to create a person.

After fertilization your baby is growing and developing in cash. No single day is the same here. Every moment is essential in growth and development. Only one thing has to go wrong and it can result in a miscarriage or a stillborn baby. So it is really a miracle and that also makes it so vulnerable.

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