Tips for the sustainable design of the baby room

If you expect a small one, the nursery is a big project. For which colors do you choose and what should all be bought? You want nothing but the best for your future baby. With a sustainable baby room you give your little one a healthy sleeping environment and you also think about the environment. Read more about this in this blog the sustainable design of the baby room with these 5 useful tips.

Setting up the baby room in a sustainable way is not difficult!

A sustainable baby room does not have to cost more money. With a few useful tips and the right choices you create the perfect baby room.

  1. Choose ecological paint without toxic fumes!

    Before you start designing the baby room, you look for the perfect color. Will it be blue or pink? Or are you going for a neutral color such as olive green or beige? Whichever color you choose, go for ecological paint. By painting the walls with ecological paint, no toxic fumes are released. In addition, this paint is biodegradable. This way you take good care of your health, that of your child and the environment. Ask your painter to use ecological paint instead of regular paint.

  2. Recycle furniture

    How special is it to see your little one sleeping in the cradle you were in when you were a baby? Not everything needs to be bought new, many furniture will last for a few years. Do not buy everything new, but ask in your area if people still have a chest of drawers and cupboards. Let your partner sand the furniture and paint it with a nice color and you have as little as new furniture for little money.

  3. A sustainable baby room that is not only good for the baby but also for your wallet and the environment! Who would not want that?

  4. Choose FSC wood

    Are you going for a new wooden cupboard? Then pay close attention to the FSC label that is on wooden furniture. Wood with this quality mark has been cut in a responsible way, with a view to forest conservation. By going for sustainable wood, you ensure that your little one grows up in a world with sufficient afforestation.

  5. Go for a bed of natural substances

    A durable bed also belongs to a sustainable baby room. Therefore choose natural materials, such as a coconut mattress and organic cotton sheets. Natural materials breathe well and regulate moisture. Nowadays biological does not mean that it looks dull, there are many stores that sell hip bedding from natural substances.

  6. Ensure good insulation

    It is important that the temperature in the baby room is pleasant, so that your little one feels comfortable there. By providing the baby room with good insulation, you ensure that the baby room stays at temperature and the heat does not escape through the walls or windows. In addition, you run less risk of your child catching a cold or getting sick. So check that your windows are double glazed and check if your walls are insulated.

Always ensure that you take the safety of your baby into account when designing the baby room in a sustainable manner. Not only through the choice of sustainable materials, but also by buying the right toys and correctly making the bedstead. This way you create a safe environment for your baby!

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