21 weeks pregnant

From the moment you 21 weeks pregnant the development of your baby will not be that big anymore. From now on your child will mainly increase in weight and about 60 grams per week. At this moment your baby weighs 350 grams and he or she is just as big as a pomegranate (27 centimeters). Your baby is about 10 times as heavy.
And yourself? In the coming weeks you will arrive about 500 grams per week. Your uterus continues to grow more and more probably now reaches your navel.

Sex organs and skin of your baby at 21 weeks pregnant

The genitals are almost complete. If you have a daughter, she has already developed millions of eggs in her ovaries at the moment. If she is born, about 500,000 remain. The testicles have now descended in the boys.

The skin of your baby is becoming less and less transparent. Your baby also receives more white blood cells that are necessary for the immune system.

Exercising muscles in the face and lungs

Your baby is now beginning to 21 weeks of becoming pregnant with his or her face to train the facial muscles. At this moment the inner ear, the tongue and the organ of balance are fully developed. If you feel some jerky movements in your stomach, it is probably because your baby has the hiccups! Because of the hiccups your baby can already use the lungs a bit and train for later!

Now that you are 21 weeks pregnant you may suffer from tire pain. A belly band can provide support.

21 Weeks pregnant: Tire pain

Your uterus now grows like a spear now that you are 21 weeks pregnant. This growth can cause tire pain. Tire pain is a stabbing pain that you feel on the side of your uterus. Usually this pain occurs when you have asked too much of your body. So lie down if you feel these stitches. Do you suffer a lot? A cummerbund can then provide relief.

21 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

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