What do you teach your child about alcohol?

I recently came across an interesting discussion about alcohol and parenting. First let's be very honest with everyone. Alcohol is not good for our health, at least not according to the Nutrition Center and the Health Council. Many studies reveal that a glass of red wine has certain magical powers, but in the end that same glass of red wine also has many negative effects on our health.

Yet most people do not want to hear the bad news. Are we going to walk with blinkers? Can alcohol not be such a bad thing? Or do you think we should go in the same direction as smoking? And that is: to ban and discourage. What are you going to give your children? Read on and let me know what you think of the statement at the bottom of this page.

We close our eyes to what we do not want to see

If there is somewhere that alcohol is bad for me, I have not seen the article at once. I did the same when I was still smoking. When those 'nice' texts came on the packages I closed myself off. Even when there were later half-feet, decaying teeth or even a corpse on the package, I closed my eyes.
I stopped later, but not because of those shocking pictures. I stopped for my health and mainly because I wanted to become pregnant and my child is a non-smoking life.

I digress. What I wanted to say is that we all like to allow everything we really want to hear and what we do not want to hear we have not seen or heard at once. Somewhat pretty handy hear this selectivity, it makes your life I think more fun, but also a bit unreal. Magazines and websites like to show off with new researches that indicate that wine or a beer is really healthy. That the research (by way of) is performed on one rat, does not matter.

There was an investigation and the result was positive. What they have forgotten to mention is that in addition to that one positive effect of alcohol, alcohol also increases the risk of all types of cancer. After all, that news does not score so well with people and will therefore not be as popular.

Because who is going to read voluntarily that they actually have to give up their wine or beer?

Little facts to open the eyes

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, the following facts about alcohol are known:

  • Every year around 3750 people die in the Netherlands from alcohol-related issues.
  • 1 in 14 of the premature deaths of people under 65 are caused by alcohol.
  • Alcohol is the biggest cause of death in people younger than 40 years old.
  • In 2012, alcohol worldwide caused 1 in 20 deaths. So these are more than 3.3 million deaths. Alcohol has even asked more lives than HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and violence together!
  • Alcohol increases the risk of 200 different diseases including multiple types of cancer.

Best shocking all right? And of course, 1 glass a day can not do much harm, but you could say almost the same about 1 cigarette per day. Or not?

In the past, cigarettes were also served during the drink

I believe it was in the 60s that cigarettes were simply served with drinks. Very hip and also very cozy. Probably the ultimate combination of liquor with a cigarette was then conceived. People took it easy, even in television series a cigarette was lit non-stop. Take a look at the Mad Men series, for example.

The fun was over when they did a study in Australia for lung cancer because this suddenly became a lot more common. And soon they found the cause. Exactly: by smoking. And very slowly, smoking became less popular. Today we are still trying to banish smoking from our lives. Who knows, maybe it's been successful in 50 years.

Our future with alcohol

We absolutely do not want our children to smoke or use drugs. But what about alcohol? We now know that we can get cancer from cancer and a number of other diseases. We know that alcohol is very addictive and can destroy your body. So what do we teach our children? Yes ... now it becomes difficult.

Chances are that you also enjoy a nice glass yourself, do you have to stop?

For some, stopping seems to be excluded and they often say: 'It will not be so bad'. Indeed it is not as bad as smoking, but excessive alcohol consumption can destroy your body more than drugs.

Are you going to tell your children, just like with smoking, that alcohol is bad for them and they better not start with it? And are you going to ban alcohol? Are you going to stop drinking what your children are with? Will we soon have a #alcohol-free generation?

And what if you do drink what your children are with? What example do you sketch and can you still forbid it? Actually, that is the same as saying that your children are not allowed to smoke while you yourself take a puff of a horn from a joint. Or do you think this is all exaggerated and can your child know for yourself?

The proposition

I am very curious about your opinion. So I came up with a statement and I like to hear your opinion on this. Personally, I do not know it yet:

Statement: 'I educate my child alcohol-free and teach my child that alcohol is bad for health'

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