With breastfeeding baby receives useful bacteria in breast milk

It has been known for some time that babies get important antibodies through breastfeeding. This is also one of the main benefits of breast milk! Now an American study has confirmed that breastfeeding has another big advantage. The bacteria in breast milk and those around the nipple stimulate the build-up of your baby's intestinal flora. And a good intestinal flora is better for health!

Antibodies baby of mother

If your baby is breastfed, antibodies will go to the baby that comes from the mother. This helps to strengthen your baby's immune system. Now this research has shown that the bacteria in breast milk also make a positive contribution to the development of the intestinal flora of your child. This applies not only to the bacteria in breast milk itself, but also to the bacteria around the nipple.

If you drink baby, he or she will get these bacteria that immediately move to the sterile intestines. They stay here for at least a year. The composition of the bacteria in the intestines changes enormously during the first years of life. When your baby is 3 years old, the flora is completely matured and stabilized. The bacteria in breast milk support this process by positively influencing the composition of the intestinal flora.

Antigen baby of areola

The resistance of your baby is strengthened via breast milk. It had been known for some time that breast milk influenced the composition of the intestinal flora, but it appears that the bacteria around the nipple also have a positive effect. It is therefore not just about breast milk itself.

The research conducted in America (published in JAMA Pediatrics) studied 107 mother's baby pairs. In breast-fed infants, 28% of intestinal bacteria were similar to those found in breast milk. And in addition, 10% of these bacteria are bacteria that live around the areola.

Intestines of the baby and health

You might think that bacteria are not right, but in the case of your baby's intestines, that is something else. The intestines have a lot of bacteria (also called intestinal flora) that help with your bowel movements. Over the past 20 years, numerous studies have been conducted into the effects of intestinal flora on health. What seems?
Intestinal bacteria have a major influence on our condition. People with abnormal gut flora often have a chronic illness, severe obesity or fatty liver (often as a result of prolonged and frequent alcohol use).

Bacteria in breast milk

So it is a nice discovery that you can already contribute to a good build up of the intestinal flora through the bacteria in breast milk so that your baby is healthier.
Perhaps another good reason that if you have the choice, choose breastfeeding instead of bottle feeding.

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