Pregnant and now?

Even if you really want to become pregnant, it can be a bit of a shock if you actually succeeded. Suddenly it all becomes very real and you know that your life will change completely. Maybe you want to do a second pregnancy test for safety. If you are really sure, then the question follows: pregnant and now?

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Pregnant and now?

Below are some important answers to the pregnant and now demand.

  1. Determine your due date

    You are pregnant and of course you want to know on what date you are exactly calculated. You can try this yourself, you can ask for help from the GP or wait for a definite answer to the midwifery practice.

  2. Visit a midwife

    As soon as you know you are pregnant you can contact a midwifery practice. When do you go to the midwife? The first visit to the midwifery practice usually takes place between the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy. If you have certain health problems, such as high blood pressure, or you use medication, it is wise to also contact your doctor.

  3. Take into account pregnancy ailments

    Pregnancy also includes the well-known pregnancy ailments. There are a lot of things happening in your body, so it is not strange that you notice that. One of the most famous pregnancy ailments during the beginning of pregnancy is probably the morning sickness. Others are headaches, abdominal cramps and often have to pee.

  4. Plan the first ultrasound

    The term echo is usually the first echo. During this ultrasound, you will be able to determine how long you have been pregnant. You receive this term ultrasound at the midwife or ultrasound center, usually between the eighth and twelfth week of your pregnancy.

  5. Tell them that you are pregnant

    You are pregnant and you want to tell everyone about that, but wait until the first ultrasound. If at the first ultrasound it is determined that everything is okay with you and your baby, then the chance of a miscarriage is still very small. You can inform your family and friends about your pregnancy. Most expectant parents do this after twelve weeks of pregnancy. This is of course a special and exciting moment, especially with your first pregnancy.

  6. Fun ideas for the pregnancy announcement!

  7. Watch your food

    It is important to pay attention to your health and nutrition during pregnancy. Under no circumstances smoke and leave alcohol. Other foods that you must avoid are raw fish, raw meat and so-called raw milk cheese.

  8. Swallow folic acid

    It is often recommended to take extra folic acid during pregnancy. This reduces during the first weeks the chance of a hare lip, open palate or open back with the baby. Additional vitamin D is also healthy. You can possibly choose to swallow multi-vitamins especially for pregnant women.

  9. Keep moving

    Keep moving as long as you feel good enough. This is healthy for you and your baby. It ensures that your fit can start on delivery and have less chance of complications. If necessary, ask the GP or midwife which sports you can do to which month. You can keep walking and cycling for a long time.

  10. Plan your maternity leave at work

    Although you are legally only three months before giving birth to your employer to indicate that you are pregnant, it is nice to do this earlier. You can then plan quietly who will take over your work and your colleagues will understand absence by visits to the midwife or if you feel less comfortable. Read more about maternity leave here.

  11. Maternity care

    It is useful to arrange maternity care during the maternity period. Maternity care is care during the eight days after you have given birth. Maternity care can possibly be extended by one or two days. Whether the maternity care is extended is determined by the midwife and the maternity nurse. Maternity care helps you take care of your baby and maternity care teaches you everything about how to properly take care of your child. Maternity care also takes on a part of the household.

    It is not mandatory to use maternity care, but maternity care is reimbursed within the basic insurance. Maternity care is a fine support, so it is advisable to use maternity care.

I am pregnant now what to arrange?

Many women search the internet for answers to the question "I am pregnant what to arrange now?". A lot is coming at you when you are pregnant and you may not know where to start. We have made a handy pregnancy checklist for you that you can download here: maternityhecklist pdf

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