Roos Todos: coffee, tea and liquorice

If you are pregnant you must leave a number of products. Of course that is fine, but that does not mean that you will not miss certain things. In any case: I do. That is why I decided to enjoy food, drinks and other things for my pregnancy, which I will no longer be allowed to do or will be much more difficult. My first To-do for pregnancy was 'Enjoying wine'. That has gone very well up to now. Now the following is on the agenda: extra enjoyment of coffee, tea and liquorice.

To Do's before pregnancy: enjoy coffee, tea and liquorice

Day green tea, day liquorice

Every day I drink 3 cups of green tea well, because this is good for my health. At first I never drank tea, but coffee all day long. I changed that by lowering the amount of coffee and supplementing it with tea. Not ideal yet, but I'm working on it. During pregnancy it is good to drastically reduce the amount of caffeine (in my case). And if I have to make a choice between coffee or green tea, then that is very easy for me: coffee. So no longer green tea and that's why I now enjoy this extra.

Another 'pleasure product' that I have to say goodbye are liquorice. Because licorice is in licorice and liquorice has a negative effect on your blood pressure, the feeding center recommends keeping it at 2 to 3 drops a day. In my case it is better not to take any at all. It will take some getting used to, but I do not expect so many problems with this. The hardest part is going to come ...

The hardest parting: coffee

Gosh, what do I say good about coffee. I can enjoy it so much. I really fall under the coffee break category. I have that from my parents, who are also talking about coffee 4 times a day. They even set up their entire daily rhythm about the coffee moments. At 11.00 hours coffee, around 13.00 coffee, then at 15.00 or so and in the evening a cup to finish it off. The health council will not agree with that, so much coffee, but they are healthy and well.

Coffee and pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you must reduce your coffee. This is because coffee is caffeine and this substance is potentially dangerous for your unborn baby. The more coffee or other products you get with caffeine (such as tea, cola or energy drink), the higher the chance of a miscarriage or a premature birth.

The Nutrition Center recommends that you only consume 1 cup of coffee per day. But 1! A few years ago these were 2 cups, but that is (to my great sadness) unfortunately reduced. So one cup of coffee a day. And with that knowledge, I thought: now that I am not pregnant, I am going to enjoy MAXIMUM every cup of coffee. Because I love coffee. Even so much that I have written a poem for my favorite drink.

So much love for coffee

Dear coffee,

You are the one with whom I stand up. Your delicious fragrance in the morning fills me with energy and power.
The strength that I need to turn this day into a good and beautiful day. You are my beginning, my good start, always on me in the kitchen cupboard wait.

When I have a dip, I know you're there for me. I can always count on you to give me the energy and alertness again achieve.
And I can boost your caffeine for a while tarry.

You know exactly what I need. You are strong, medium or moderate power.
But always exactly what I had at that moment waited.

You are delicious in taste, there is actually nothing that is with you must.
But sometimes you are combined with other products and you play your star role repulsive good.

I enjoy you every morning, but also in the afternoon and after dinner. Secretly you are my favorite and I prefer to drink you the whole day.
I also find it so unfortunate that this is not the health council allowed.

You are the epitome of conviviality, to catch up and relax together. Because of you 4 words can be so nice and warm sound:
"We will make coffee drink?'

A life in which I can not always trust you will certainly take some getting used to. Because who pulls me from my dip? What will give me just as delicious robust and characteristic flavor as you do is doing?
It will be so difficult that I will forget you a little later must.

That I can not drink you so often. That I have to cut back and reduce and draw energy from my own power.
But I can still enjoy you once a day. So every morning I know to my happiness, that you are still on me wait.
And can at least the beginning of my day, no longer broken.

Will you miss coffee too soon? Then enjoy with me and send a photo of your special coffee moment!

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