Buy a good baby thermometer

Does your baby have a fever or not? Is your baby too hot or too cold? As a parent, you want your child to be healthy and warm up. To determine this, you need a baby thermometer. But which is the best thermometer that you can purchase from the many species that are available? Read the answer here to buy a good baby thermometer.

Types of thermometers for babies

There are various types of baby thermometers available. Below you will find a handy overview.

  • Digital thermometer

    The digital thermometer is used the most. This is a stick that digitally shows the temperature of your baby. You measure the temperature rectally, so in the anus. A digital thermometer quickly measures the temperature. After a few seconds you will hear a signal and you can remove the thermometer.
    Advantages: they are cheap, you have them from 5 euros. In addition, a digital thermometer is very reliable.

    Disadvantages: you need batteries, so always keep a supply. Another disadvantage is that you have to measure rectally, which is not always useful.

  • Pacifier thermometer

    A pacifier thermometer is a thermometer in a pacifier. Your baby must keep the teat in the mouth for a while to measure the temperature. Advantages: measuring the temperature is easier. Disadvantages: it seems that this way of measuring is not as reliable as that of a digital thermometer. In addition, your baby should keep the teat in the mouth for a long time.

  • Ear thermometer

    With an ear thermometer you measure the temperature of your baby through the earpiece. Advantages: quick, hygienic and easy way to measure the temperature. Disadvantage: not so reliable.

  • Forehead thermometer

    With this thermometer you measure the temperature by means of infrared. You keep the thermometer for your child's forehead. Advantage: easy and convenient to use. Disadvantage: it is not reliable. The temperature of the forehead is not an ideal place to read the temperature because it can be influenced. For example by sunlight and movement.

Which baby thermometer?

What is the best baby thermometer? Well, that is the digital thermometer. It may not always be the most convenient way of measuring temperature because you have to measure rectally, it is the most reliable one.

So if you really want to measure the temperature exactly, you can only do so with the digital thermometer.

Thermometer baby flexible point

Measuring the temperature rectally is of course not always practical, but it is necessary to do a correct measurement. Fortunately, digital thermometers that have been adjusted to make it as easy as possible for your baby. So they now have a thermometer with flexible tip which is finer in rectal use!

Best selling Braun digital thermometer with flexible tip. 4.5 stars from 96 reviews!

Fast baby thermometer

I advise you to always go for a digital baby thermometer if you want to measure the temperature of your little one. Especially in the beginning and if you suspect that your baby has a fever. The best digital thermometer has a flexible point and reads the temperature quickly, within a few seconds. This is very important, because you obviously do not want to sit too long with that stick in your baby's anus! If you want to measure the temperature, try to do this at a time when it is convenient. Like after changing or for the bath.

Do you want to quickly measure the temperature between times and is it only to be checked? Then you can best use another thermometer like an ear thermometer. But keep the real control always with an anal digital baby thermometer, this remains the best and most reliable thermometer.

Overview of different thermometers:

  • Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT 6520 - Ear thermometer:

    The IRT 6520 thermoscan from Braun is a new model Braun ear thermometer. He is suitable for the whole family. 4.7 stars out of 95 consumer reviews. Price about € 48.99

  • Luvion Thermomometer set Exact 70:

    All the thermometers at home that you need! So you can easily measure the temperature of your baby with the pacifier. Price about € 27, -

  • Luvion Exact - Non-contact Infrared Thermometer:

    With this infrared thermometer you can remotely measure the body temperature of your child. But also from the bottle of milk and other things. Price € 43, -

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