Remove warts during pregnancy

During pregnancy you can get warts or your current warts may grow and cause symptoms. If you notice this, it may be wise to remove the warts during pregnancy. Please do not do this yourself, but ask your doctor or gynecologist what the best approach is. Read more about this here remove warts during pregnancy and when warts can be dangerous.

Warts during pregnancy

A wart is a hard, usually callous-shaped bump on your skin. It is actually a kind of fusion of your epidermis. Children in particular often have warts. In most cases, warts are benign and people do not suffer so much. During pregnancy it can happen that you again suffer from warts on your body or genital warts.

Genital warts are part of your genitals or anus. These warts look cauliflower-like and with a skin color or brown color. In general they are not painful, but they can itch. The symptoms can worsen if you are pregnant so you may want to remove the warts during pregnancy. If you already have warts, they may increase in numbers or sizes.

HPV virus during pregnancy

Warts are caused by the HPV virus. This virus is transmitted through direct skin contact. The virus can also survive in humid places and spread. Think of swimming pools, saunas and changing rooms. For that reason they are often on hands and feet.

The HPV virus can also be transmitted through community, it is therefore also seen as STD. People with low resistance such as children, the elderly or sick are more susceptible to the HPV virus. This list also includes pregnant women. During your pregnancy, your resistance is slightly lower than normal.

Spot warts during pregnancy

Warts are generally not dangerous and go away automatically. This is especially about warts that are not on our intimate spot. Do you notice that you get warts on your anus or vagina during pregnancy? Then go to your doctor or gynecologist to have this examined.

Maybe he will remove the warts during pregnancy because they may be dangerous for you or your child during birth. Sometimes genital warts can be a sign of an STD, the GP will test you on this. If there is a STD you will probably get an antibiotic treatment. What is also possible is that the warts are removed surgically because an ointment or antibiotic treatment is too dangerous for the baby.

Another way to remove warts during pregnancy is by touching them or by burning them away. This is done by the GP or gynecologist. To touch warts is also called cryotherapy. Part of your skin is then frozen with liquid nitrogen. The skin where the wart is located dies and makes way for healthy skin.

Small warts during pregnancy

If you already have small warts, they can grow through the pregnancy hormones and become more painful. Pay attention to this and always go to the doctor if you notice changes.
Did you not have any warts, but do they now arise? However small they may be, if they are in your genital, it is good to report this to your doctor or gynecologist.

Remove warts during pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, most warts disappear automatically and it is better to let them disappear on their own. Only when you are bothered by it or when they are in your genitals can you consider removing them.
There are means with which you can remove warts yourself during pregnancy. These are for sale at the drugstore. You can not use most medicines independently during pregnancy. Always go to your doctor or the gynecologist if you notice warts so they can remove them.

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