Forbidden herbs during pregnancy

Probably (or hopefully) you know what you can and can not eat during pregnancy. But did you also know that there are banned herbs during pregnancy? Or at least: herbs that you should not use too much. You can read which ones you have here in this blog. We also name a number of herbs such as oregano or turmeric, which is claimed to be forbidden herbs during pregnancy. But is that really true?

Herbal pregnancy nutrition center

According to the food center it is good not to use too much of the following kitchen herbs:

  • Anise
  • Dragon
  • Fennel
  • Basil
  • Allspice
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Sassafras
  • Dong Quai
  • Mace
  • Pepper

Forbidden herbs during pregnancy that you better not eat!

Avoid herbal preparations

If you are pregnant, it is best to leave all herbal preparations and essential oils of herbs. Here are concentrated amounts of herbs that may have an effect on your pregnancy. Even though the preparation of a super healthy reform case: do not take it or consult with your doctor first.

Do not take calabash lime (pimba)

Maybe you searched for remedies against your nausea and you came across your calabash lime. This can indeed help, but it is not wise to take any form during pregnancy. Calabash lime contains large amounts of lead and lead is harmful for your little one. Read here more information about morning sickness and tips to tackle it.

Avoid superfoods

It is absolutely no stupid thoughts that you want to eat extra healthy and therefore reach the so-called 'superfoods'. But you better not do that. In any case, not the concentrated or dried versions. This so-called super healthy can not be healthy. It concerns products about which not much is known yet. That is why it is better not to eat them as a precaution. Superfoods are for example goijberries.

Oregano during pregnancy

There is no scientific evidence that oregano is bad to eat during pregnancy. It is said that oregano can be harmful because it would have a uterine stimulating effect. There is no evidence that oregano has a harmful effect on pregnancy. Nor is it on the list of forbidden herbs during pregnancy from the food center. It is therefore just safe to eat.

Turmeric during pregnancy

There are websites that state that you should not eat turmeric during pregnancy, but these statements are not based on scientific evidence. So in our eyes you can just turmeric eat during pregnancy!

Currency during pregnancy

Many recommend to drink peppermint tea or mint tea during pregnancy. Mint stimulates digestion in a way that can make you suffer from stomach acid. And of course you do not want that during your pregnancy. You can avoid it for certainty, but to be honest this is not a good proof. For the time being, currency is simply allowed by the food center.

Thyme during pregnancy

Another herb that people think is covered by the prohibited herbs during pregnancy is thyme. It is not wise to consume Thyme if it is in herbal preparations or ethical oils. Then the concentration is too high. Very high concentrations of wild thyme can have a uterine stimulating effect. But then it involves very large quantities, as if eating in a whole jar or bag of thyme. Simply using herbs for evening meals is fine.

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