Baby born in the amniotic sac

Occasionally it happens and now it is still on film. A baby born in the amniotic sac! Normally the fruit sac will snap before the actual delivery starts. The cracking of the amniotic sac, also called the breaking of the membranes, often announces the beginning of the delivery. It is truly exceptional when a baby is born while he or she is still in the amniotic sac.
You can find this special video at the bottom of this page.

The special thing about this video is that it is not a vaginal delivery that you see here, but a caesarean section in which the amniotic sac remains intact. The amniotic sac also called membranes or amniotic fluids ensures that the baby is protected against knocks and infections from outside. Read more about what the membranes are.

With the helmet born: paranormal forces?

What happens often is that a baby is born with a part of the amniotic sac around his head. This is also called "being born with the helmet". A baby born with the helmet or a baby born in the amniotic sac is said to have paranormal powers.

Babies born in the fetus are often born prematurely. In itself also logical. The smaller the baby, the greater the chance that the fetus remains intact. Only in 1 in 80,000 births does the fruit bag remain intact.
In the video below you can clearly see that the baby keeps moving as if he is still with his mother in the belly. Fascinating to see and you get a tendency to quickly open the fruit bag.

Baby born in the amniotic sac

In 2016 there was a video of a Spanish baby that was born while the amniotic fluid was still intact. This special video passed the world.
Watch and enjoy this special video!

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