Things you should never do as a parent!

Being older is certainly not easy. No matter how well you try to prepare yourself: in reality you will face surprises every day. Especially when you are a 'freshman' with parenting. To save you some misery, we have made a list below with a number things you never have to do as a parent. Follow this up and you save yourself a lot of hassle. Really!

9 Things that you as a parent never have to do!

  1. Thinking that young children do not take over any dirty words yet

    Did you think you should watch your words only when your child can talk? Then you are wrong! Also your little rascal who might just say 'car', certainly remember the words you use. So also the words: 'fuck, shit or cunt'. If you want to prevent your little toddler from blinking out these words during your birthday party, it is wise to keep an eye on your words right away!

  2. Let yourself be surprised by your child

    Maybe you recognize this: your child wants to surprise you. Now that they have no money in their bank account, they invent other creative ways to give the parents a small gift. The next time your child says: "Mommy put your hand out and close your eyes" it is good to remain skeptical. Otherwise you end up with a dead frog, huge spider or a turd in your hands!

  3. Daily disinfect your house

    If you are not bothered by feces, it is good to leave everything out of the box. Otherwise, you can get daily in order to clean your walls, couch, chairs, carpet, windows and so on. Save yourself the daily 'pale hands' and try to take the dirty windows, walls and everything in your house a bit for granted. Even better: take a cleaning lady in the arm!

  4. Things that you as a parent never have to do but still go through.

  5. White furniture

    Are you still under the impression that your white couch will remain white if you teach your child to be careful?
    Think again! Your child has absolutely no idea of ​​value and sees that white sofa or wall rather as a large coloring page than something they can not touch. Buy that white sofa if your children are old enough (or out of house) or buy a sofa with washable cover. Perhaps even better, do it now with older furniture. How about buying water-based pens? washable to be! You can find them here.

  6. Thinking that your child is an angel

    Is your child a sweet and sweet boy or girl and is he never doing something wrong? Just assume that your child does not always stay that sweet. Even the most sensible children sometimes find it a good idea to draw on the wall or see if your phone can handle water. So always be careful!

  7. Let your child walk around with candy or chocolate

    If you let your child walk around with chocolate or other candy, you can be sure that the majority of these will not disappear in the mouth but on your furniture, curtains and walls. If you do not want to remove dried up gummi bears from your curtains or scatter chocolates from the sofa, let your child sit quietly while eating the sweets.

  8. Think that when your child is quiet, nothing is wrong

    Knot this well in your ears: when your child is awake and does not make a sound, he or she is doing something that is not allowed! For example, putting too much toilet paper in the toilet (see if it overflows), cutting each other's hair or seeing if the cat really gets on its feet. Silence is always a sign of danger!

  9. Hang over your child without your child having it

    Children often make acute and rapid movements. If your child jumps up and you hang above you can have a week of your jaw.

  10. Leaving your child out of sight

    If you do not pay attention, your child has already done 10 things that are not allowed. It is incomprehensible how they do this, but it really happens. The few minutes that you're doing the laundry, your walls can have a different color, the candy jar can be found all over the room and your child has a bruised wrist.

Do you have any supplements or things you should never do as a parent?

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