Tire pain, what is it and how do you prevent it?

Many pregnant women experience band pain during their pregnancy. This pain is caused by, among other things, your growing uterus. Some women feel this at an early stage of their pregnancy, but the pain is most intense when women are pregnant around 20 weeks. Tire pain during pregnancy can be very annoying. Fortunately, it is not harmful for your child. You can not take away the pain, but you can do a number of things to the prevent tire pain or to lighten.

What is tire pain?

Your uterus is attached to your pelvis with bands, a kind of muscle. These bands are located near your groin, pubic bone, belly button, lower back, vagina and side. The straps ensure that your uterus stays in place. When there is too much pressure on the tires, this causes a stabbing or nagging pain (somewhat similar to menstrual pain). This pain can be felt in your pubic bone, lower back, or vagina and can extend to your thighs and buttocks.

Tire pain and pregnant: what is the connection?

Tire pain is mainly caused by your growing uterus. Especially from the 20th week of your pregnancy your uterus grows pretty hard and that causes more pressure on the tires.

Is not this your first pregnancy? Then it is possible that you may experience pain in your tires before. That is because your abdominal muscles in your previous pregnancy have already been stretched considerably and as a result are somewhat weak. They can support your uterus less with your next pregnancy than with the first time.

When do you feel the tire pain the most?

The pain that you feel you do not suffer from it all day long. However, it can continue for a while. You can feel the pain at different times:

  • When you have to cough or sneeze;
  • When stretching, bending or lifting;
  • If you make sudden movements like standing up;
  • During sex.

Tire pain relieve pregnancy

There are a number of tricks that you can apply to relieve the tire pain:

  • Lie down and try to breathe quietly;
  • Place a warm jug on the spot that you feel most;
  • Try to avoid sudden movements and move calmly and controlledly;
  • If you notice that you have to sneeze, prepare yourself by supporting your stomach;
  • Stretch your abdominal muscles as much as possible if you are able to reduce the tension on the tires;
  • Take a nice warm and relaxing bath or shower.

How can you prevent or reduce the tire pain?

  • Pregnancy support pants and maternity underwear

    Do you have a strenuous job where, for example, you have to walk or stand a lot? Or do you exercise a lot and do you want to continue doing this for as long as possible? Make sure you buy a pregnancy support pants, support briefs or good maternity pants in time. These pants have a front that grows with your stomach.

    What is especially important is that you ensure that you purchase a support pant that has a firm band under the belly. This band can support your stomach and your lower back. In the beginning it can take some getting used to wearing such a pants because it is pretty tight. But here you get used to quickly. A good pregnancy support pants can be a bit pricey, but it is more than worth the money. The pants are available in the good lingerie stores and of course on the internet.

  • Good belly band

    A good belly band can also work wonders to prevent or alleviate the tire pain. Please note that you really purchase a cummerbund that has the purpose to support your stomach. Sometimes something is called a belly band but does not offer support, but just looks nice. The right belly bands can be purchased in stores with pregnancy products, the internet or with the physiotherapist.

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