The best sunburn for your baby

In the summer we want to go outside with our baby and enjoy the sun. Probably everyone knows that it is not wise to leave your baby unprotected in the sun. That is so lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. But what is now the best sunburn for your baby? Read here what you should pay attention to and which sunscreen is most recommended. I made it easy for you at the bottom of the blog a list of the best sunscreen resources for you and your child!

Which factor should you choose?

It is best to keep your baby or toddler as much as possible out of the sun. The skin of your little one is still thin and delicate and at this young age it is not yet able to protect itself against the UV rays. You go outside with your baby, then smear your child well. Choose at least factor 30 for your baby. Perhaps you would think that you should always opt for factor 50, but that is not necessarily necessary. The difference in protection between factor 30 and 50 is actually not that big. At factor 30, 3% of the radiation passes through the filter of the sunburn, at factor 50 it is 2%.

Pregnant in the sun! What should you pay attention to?

If you spend a long day in the sun, it is wise to apply yourself and your baby several times a day. Also re-apply your baby after swimming or outdoor swimming, even if you have a sunscreen that is 'waterproof'.

Best sunburn for your baby consumer union

The consumer association has not yet done a test with regard to the best sunburn for your baby. However, in 2017 they tested sunscreens for adults. Best of the test was the Ambre Solair from Garnier with shea butter. The best buy was the new Nivea Sun Protect & Hydrate. What was striking in this test was that the more expensive brands such as Eucerin could not win cheaper brands. So you see, that expensive does not always mean the best protection.

If you want the best sunburn for your baby, the Consumers' Association does have a number of important tips.

  • Always lubricate your child to prevent burns.
  • It is best not to leave babies and toddlers in the sun at all.
  • Clothing can also offer protection from the sun. There is special UV clothing for sale that offers good protection.
  • Always put your child in a hat or cap.
  • Lubricate your baby or children 30 minutes before you go into the sun, so that the medicine has time to penetrate the skin well.
  • For children, it may be useful to have an anti-sand function in the waist so that sand will stick less.
  • Do not buy sunscreen for your baby with perfume or alcohol, this can be harmful! For example, alcohol can trigger allergic reactions.
  • Watch out with sunscreens in spray form. It is not good if your child inhales the spray and besides, sprays often contain alcohol.
  • It is important that the sunscreen provides protection against UVA in addition to UVB radiation. You know that the product also offers UVA protection if there is a logo on the bottle / packaging that looks like a blue circle with 'UVA' in it.

Do you already have sunglasses for your baby? Look here for what to look out for

Sunburn baby sensitive skin

Your baby has a sensitive skin anyway, if you really want to buy the best sunscreen for your baby that offers ultimate protection, then there are a few other things you can pay attention to. These are in short: the filter that is in the sunburn (chemical filter or mineral filter), or the medium contains oxybenzone, alcohol and nanoparticles.

  • Chemical filter or mineral filter in sunscreen

    A sunburn can have a chemical filter or a mineral filter. Sunburn with a chemical filter contains ingredients that are absorbed by our skin. A sunburn with mineral filters contains ingredients that do not penetrate the skin, but lay a layer on the skin.

    If your baby has sensitive skin, then the best sunscreen for your baby does not contain a chemical filter, but mineral filters!

    • Chemical filter in sunscreen

      A sunscreen contains a chemical filter if it contains the following ingredients: oxybenzone, octyl methoxycinnamate, octocrylene and avobenzone.

      Of these sunscreen you must at least make sure you opt for oxybenzone free sunscreen!

      Oxybenzone, also called benzophenone 3, can have a hormone disrupting effect. It is also quickly absorbed in the blood, urine and breast milk. For this reason dermatologists advise pregnant women, lactating women and children to use a cream with oxybenzone (also called benzophenone 3).

    • Mineral filter in sunscreen

      A sunscreen contains a mineral filter if there are the following ingredients: titanium dioxide and / or zinc oxide. These substances are less harmful because they do not pull into your skin. As a result, they almost never give an allergic reaction. That makes them ideal for the sensitive skin of your baby.

      The disadvantage is that a white haze remains on the skin. This is only good for protection, but some parents find it disturbing. To prevent the white haze, nanoparticles are sometimes added to the sunburn. Without these particles, the sunburn would also be almost non-spreadable.

      Now nanoparticles are a bit controversial because they might cause cancer if it is inhaled. Others claim that it is only harmful if consumed through food or drink. So it is a bit of you what you want. It seems that a sunburn with mineral filter and nanoparticles is still better than a sunburn with oxybenzone.

    If you buy a sunburn with nanoparticles, never buy a spray but always a lotion or cream. That way your child can not breathe it in any case!

  • Avoid alcohol and perfume in the sunburn

    What you should pay the most attention to when sunburns, is whether it contains alcohol or not. If you want to buy the best sunscreen for your baby, it contains absolutely no alcohol. Alcohol can dry out the skin and can irritate the skin of your baby. That is of course the last thing you want.

Do you have to buy a special sunscreen for children?

You do not necessarily have to buy a sunscreen for children to get the best sunscreen for your baby. As long as the factor is only at least 30, the sunburn does not contain perfume or alcohol and no oxybenzone (or benzophenone 3), it is good.

Sunscreen for baby without alcohol and oxybenzone

I understand that you do not have the time and / or the time to read all the ingredients at the drugstore for the best sunburn for your baby. That is why I have listed all sunscreens without alcohol and oxybenzone for you.

This is the best sunscreen for babies and for yourself!

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