Making a baby photo book: that's how you stop the time!

Getting children is a great experience for every parent, but sometimes the time is very fast. Little ones grow very fast and before you know it they take their first steps, they say their first words and they eventually go to school. Time flies, but by one baby photo book of your little one, you can still stop him! With a baby photo book you can keep the first year of your little one a little longer. Do not want to cut and paste for days? Then you can make your baby photo book online. Tips on how to make your baby photo book best can be found here!

Baby photo book making tips:

  1. Collect enough baby photos

    A baby photo book without photos is not a baby photo book. It is therefore very important that you ensure that you have enough footage to fill your photo book. Of course that starts with taking pictures.

    Make sure you always have a camera nearby to photograph the really special moments - first steps, a hug from dad, a kiss from grandmother or the first time to the zoo. Vary by making close-ups, changing positions and making sure you do not miss anything!

  2. Make baby photo book in chronological order

    When you have collected all your photos you can sort and organize them. The best thing is to organize your baby photo book in chronological order. So when you browse the photobook you can see the growth of your little one. You can divide this into weeks, months or events.
    Do you want to do it all right? Then make sure you have the exact dates of when the photo was taken: this way you can be sure that the book is in the right order!

  3. Make baby photo book by using shapes

    If you place the baby photos in a digital photo book, you can cut them out in different forms. This function is the digital replacement of your scissors. You can choose from many different forms such as: clouds, triangles, squares and much more. Incredibly handy and much less hassle than cutting out your photos with scissors! This allows you to vary endlessly and organize your photo book as you want!

  4. Work with backgrounds

    After you have filled the photo book with all the photos you can adjust the layout of your photo book. You can do this by using the backgrounds that are available in the software in which you make your photobook. If you do not like it, the software often has the possibility to upload files as a background! Super fun and personal!

    Choose toys, the hands of your little one or a nice pastel color. So you can make a baby photo book that fits your toddler perfectly. You can often upload backgrounds yourself in the software or choose from the available backgrounds in the software.

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