Development baby 3 months old

It will not be long before your baby starts to crawl. It is therefore very important that you take a good look at the safety of your home. Is your house already baby-proof? Start here on time because you better have secured everything early than too late! In this month your baby will mainly train the muscles so that he or she can crawl through the room later on. Be prepared and read more about this in this blog baby 3 months old is.

In short, a baby 3 months old

  • Stimulate the development of the leg, arm and neck muscles.
  • Your baby is becoming more social.
  • Your baby is already 1.5 meters away.
  • Mothers will drop her from this month. Do not panic!
  • Let fathers play with the baby too!
  • Few tips against fatigue.

The development of your baby 3 months old

  • A personality

    Your baby is starting to get a personality more and more. You can notice this by small things, for example: does your baby need a lot of attention or not? Do you love cuddling your baby or can your baby have fun for hours? You can also see if your baby is curious, smiley or a bit serious. Now that your baby is showing his personality more and more, it's nice to write this down and keep up.

  • Nice and social

    In this month your baby is very social towards people in the area. Like grandparents, uncles, aunts, babysitters, cousins, nieces and so on. Almost everyone can enjoy the fun and laughter of your little one. A perfect moment to go out with the small ones. Enjoy this, by the way; most babies will become very monstrous in a few months.

  • Trapping and printing

    It will not be long before your baby starts to crawl. First your baby will use the legs more. In this way he or she will kick, throw legs in the air and turn away from something. These are all good exercises to make the muscles stronger to soon crawl through the room. Try to stimulate this as much as possible by 'bouncing' your baby up and down so that he or she can drop off.

    In addition to strength training for the legs, your baby also works on the other muscles. He or she will print more often and because the head can now stay longer, the neck muscles are also taken away. You can stimulate this by regularly putting your baby on the belly (under supervision!). The disadvantage of this increasing mobility is that changing diapers gets a whole new level of difficulty.

  • As much time as possible with your baby

    It remains important to give your baby attention. Play games like handjaw, sing songs and talk to your baby. Take your baby too much on your arm and walk around the house or dance in the room.

  • Better vision

    In the first weeks the vision of your baby was still blurred and he could not look further than 25 to 30 centimeters. Now that your baby is 3 months old, he or she can look 2.5 meters far. Your baby also recognizes colors better and better.

  • Favorite toys and toys

    Probably your baby liked everything in the beginning, but now that your baby is already 3 months old, he or she starts to get certain preferences. Similarly for toys, cuddly toys and cloths. So you have to be careful that you do not lose his or her favorite toy because then the fence of the dam!

How are mom, dad or parents?

Unfortunately, the broken nights have still not stopped. You will probably notice this by your fatigue, short fuse and bags under your eyes. Especially when you are back to work, it can sometimes be fateful to get through the day. Try to alternate as many nightly diet as possible with your partner, develop a good night ritual for yourself and the baby and try to sleep out at the weekend. For example, discuss with your partner that he gets up on Saturday with the little one and you on Sunday as long as your baby does not sleep through.

  • Do you eat healthy?

    Those pregnancy silos can sometimes be a thorn in the eye, yet it is not a good idea to go on a strict diet. Certainly not during breastfeeding because there may possibly be harmful substances in the milk. But even if you do not breastfeed, you better wait a little longer with strict diets (which are never healthy anyway).

    Because of the short nights your body is already suffering, it is not wise to starve yourself again. Start the day with healthy food such as a good breakfast. Eat about 3 meals spread throughout the day and make sure you get 2 pieces of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables. Start also with sports. Now that your baby is 3 months old, you can practice some heavier sports such as ball sports or interval training.

  • Hair loss

    A big positive side effect of pregnancy hormones (especially estrogen) was the fact that you got a full bunch of hair. That was because you did not let her out anymore. But now that your birth is already 3 months ago and the hormones are out of your body, your hair is going to fall out. This can sometimes be huge, which makes it appear that you have become bald at once. Do not worry, that is not going to happen. You just get the same amount of hair as before the pregnancy.

  • Quality time dad and baby

    Of course, not only must mum spend a lot of time with the baby, but also Dad. Some fathers love this, others need to be stimulated a bit. Baby can feel a little bit out of place especially when your baby is breastfed. But now that the baby is a bit older, it is also becoming more fun for fathers. They can now play active games like plane, bouncing your baby, cycling with the legs or maybe swimming together.
    Because of all this activity with the baby the cuddle hormone increases in men. Great to see right?


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Tips of the month with a baby 3 months old

  • Write down what you notice about your baby, for example small personality traits.
  • Your baby can enjoy himself for a while if you put him or her in front of the mirror. Do you have a moment to do something else?

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