Producing a miscarriage with medication

Miscarriages are unfortunately fairly common. Much more often than we would like. About 20% of women get a miscarriage, so there are 1 in 5. You should not think about it!
Some miscarriages naturally get going, other miscarriages do not. You then get the choice to wait, have a curettage performed or the develop miscarriage with medicines.
The choice is of course completely yours. Be well informed about both possibilities and take the time before making a decision. It is about your body and a loss that you have to suffer.

Producing a miscarriage with medicines, how does it work?

If your miscarriage needs to be resurrected, you will probably have to go to the hospital first. Here again an echo is made to see what exactly is going on. If it is determined that there is indeed a miscarriage, you will be given medication. Often this is Mifegyn and Misoprostol. But it is also possible that you only receive Misoprostol.

The first medicine (Mifegyn) can be taken orally with water. The drug blocks the hormones that normally ensure that the fruit is not rejected. It is possible that you can get some cramps due to this medication.

After a certain period of time (you discuss this with the midwife) you must insert the other medication Misoprostol vaginally. If you start the miscarriage with medication and you only use Misoprostol then it is possible that you can inject it immediately.

The medicine causes your uterus to contract. This feels like severe menstrual cramps or even contractions. Due to the contraction of your uterus, the fruit and the possible placenta are likely to be expelled.

You lose blood clots (very dark red in color) and possibly also a recognizable amniotic sac with or without fruit. But: it may also be that not much happens or perhaps nothing at all.
After 24 hours, you will again inject 4 pills vaginally. The chance that a complete miscarriage occurs is now the largest. After this you will experience a few days to weeks of blood loss that looks a bit like a heavy menstruation.

Blood loss will be the worst in the first days. Thereafter, it decreases as with a normal menstruation. Be careful not to use tampons. Sanitary napkins are allowed.

Cytotec how fast does it work?

Cytotec is the same as Misoprostol. In about 66 to 90% of women, it is possible to induce miscarriage with these drugs. It is possible that it does not work or that you only have some cramps and no tissue loses. On average, the miscarriage starts to get going after a few hours to a few days.

You do not really have that much to this answer. The only thing that can be said is that after the medication has been inserted, you can stay at home better. There is a chance that the miscarriage starts within a few hours. But if nothing happens in those first few hours, that does not necessarily mean that they do not work. The miscarriage can start a day later.

In any case, you always have to inject the medicines twice. Here is 24 hours between. With the hospital you agree when to call them. Usually this is after 48 hours. If nothing has happened in those 48 hours, you will have to come back again. You can then choose to do a new round with the medication or choose a curettage.

Influencing miscarriage with pills

In most women who induce the miscarriage with medicines, the miscarriage actually starts. There will then be blood loss and severe cramps. You can take paracetamol against the pain (4 times a day 1000 mg) and if necessary naproxen (2 times daily 500 mg). After the fruit has been sold, you will have a few days to maybe weeks of postponement.

Side effects of the medications are nausea and diarrhea. Some women suffer from some slight temperature increase, dizziness or very shivering. Furthermore, no serious consequences are known from Mifegyn and Misoprostol.

In fact, inducing miscarriage with medication has virtually no complication for a subsequent pregnancy.

That is why it is safer than a curettage. Although a curettage is a simple procedure, it can occur that the uterus becomes damaged during the procedure, causing adhesions.

Producing a miscarriage without medication

A miscarriage can arise spontaneously. The exact course is very different. It usually starts with vaginal blood loss that goes hand in hand with cramps. These cramps resemble severe menstrual cramps. In some women, the cramps last a few hours, while others can take days.

If you are going to lose clots and tissue, there is a big chance that there is a miscarriage. It does not always have to be that you see a fruit or that you are immediately lost. For that reason it is always important that you make an appointment with the midwife to determine whether there was a miscarriage.

In addition, it must be checked whether all the tissue is from your uterus. If this is not the case, you may have to be curled. It can happen that something went wrong during pregnancy, but there has been no spontaneous miscarriage. Women often come here during the ultrasound. For example, the heart is not right (anymore) or the amniotic sac appears to be empty.

This will be the most horrible news you can get at an ultrasound.

Probably the obstetrician will propose to wait a few weeks (1 to 3). Perhaps the miscarriage will come naturally. It is not possible to induce a natural miscarriage by means other than medication.
In any case: there are no proven methods for this.

Misoprostol or cytotec miscarriage experience

If you have opted for miscarriage with medicines or if you still doubt what you want to do, it is always nice to read experiences. The experiences of women are very different. But then also really bad.
Nothing happened to some women. Others got huge cramps and bleeding and will never do it again.

But there are also women with whom the giant fell. That was the case with me.

I had opted for miscarriage with medication because I did not want the intervention of a curettage, but a more natural miscarriage. I also wanted to experience the miscarriage at home and not in the hospital. I got cramps after about 3 hours that resembled severe menstrual cramps. Then I had pain for 2 hours with a sour face on the couch. After those 2 hours the pain subsided and when I went to the toilet I saw the amniotic sac. This looks a bit like a white condom but then under the blood. It looks different from the dark red to dark purple clots. Also in terms of structure. Maybe it happened to me because I had an empty fruit bag.

Women who have already advanced in their pregnancy sometimes have more violent stories. I continued to flow for about 5 days after the miscarriage and then it stopped. Here you can read my whole story and experience miscarriage with medicines.

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