Washable diapers that's how it works!

Washable diapers are really better for the environment than disposable diapers. Even when you wash them at 60 degrees and then happily throw in the dryer. In addition, they are also cheaper in the longer term. All environmentally and money-conscious mothers can therefore opt for washable diapers. But how does it actually work with those diapers? Read it in this blog!

Types of washable diapers

Washable diapers have undergone a major metamorphosis in recent years. It is therefore no longer the hydrophilic cloths that you have to fix with safety pins. Nowadays you have several types of washable diapers, one even easier than the other. So you have meegable diapers and washable diapers in different sizes.

The advantage of meegroup diapers is that you have to buy less diapers because they grow with your child. By means of adjustable Velcro or buttons you can adjust the diapers in the right size. The disadvantage is that they can still leak. You do not have that with 'sized' washable nappies because you can purchase them in different sizes. The sizes range from S (the smallest) to XL (toddler). You then need more, so you also have to spend more.

One-piece diapers and two-piece diapers

If you have made a decision whether you are going for meegroeiluiers or washable diapers in various sizes, are you faced with a new choice: one-piece diapers or two-piece diapers?

  • One-piece diaper

    A one-piece diaper consists of one part. You can throw this in the laundry (without an insert). Make sure you always put an inlayer in the diaper. An inset does let moisture through but catches the stool so that it does not enter the diaper. You can throw away or flush the inlayer.

  • Two-piece diaper

    A two-piece diaper consists of two parts: a overpants and a diaper (with an insert). You can place the insert in a special pocket (with the pocket diaper) or click on the insert (with the all-in-two). The diaper can be washed, the overpants were only when it is needed. The overpants must keep everything waterproof.

Washable diapers, how does it work?

How can you change now? That is entirely up to the type of diaper you have. Changing a one-piece diaper is a bit similar to a disposable diaper. If you have an all-in-one diaper, it can simply be washed into the whole with a shower. If you have a diaper with an insert, you first remove it. You need to discard some depositors right away, others can be used a few times. So you can just wash it if your baby has just peed.

With a two-piece diaper you first put a clean inlayer in the diaper. Then you put on the diaper and then the overpants over the diaper so that everything remains waterproof. The diaper was you after every change. You only have to wash your overpants when they are dirty.

Washable diaper or disposable diaper? Which will you choose?

What to do with a dirty diaper?

The reason that many people do not see washable diapers is the idea of ​​shit in the washing machine. But you really do not have to! Thanks to the inserts, the stool is neatly collected. The membrane can easily be removed from the washable diaper and discarded. Some can also be flushed in the toilet, check this as well. If all goes well, an inlayer will collect all stools and nothing will end up in the washable nappy and therefore not in your laundry.

How many washable diapers do you need?

In principle you would have to come up with 24 washable diapers if you take into account 6 changes per day. You can then wash the diapers every 3 days. If you buy one-piece diapers, then 24 is basically enough. If you have a two-part system, you will have 24 inserts and 5 overpants.

Wash washable diapers

You can wash the diapers with laundry and already at 40 degrees. If your baby suffers from diarrhea or if there are stubborn stains in the diaper, you can wash at 60 degrees. The mothers who want to be very environmentally conscious are hanging the diapers to dry instead of drying them in the dryer.

Washable diapers inlay sheets

The inserts in washable diapers are very important because they absorb the stool. Some inserts can also absorb the urine so you do not have to do the diapers in the laundry, but only the inserts. The inserts are available in different materials. Think of cotton, fleece or bamboo. It is also a bit of your own preference which material you like the most.

Cheap washable diapers

There are also regular offers for washable nappies. For example at Bol.com or Bababoe.
Before you stock a whole stock it might be good to first order a trial package so you can try it. These trial packages and discount packages can be obtained from Kidzstore, Bababoe, Nappys and bol.com.

Order a sample pack of washable diapers here.

Do you have experience with washable diapers and some good tips for us? We are very curious!

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