The best baby sleeping bag

Many experts claim that you can best place your baby in a baby sleeping bag. So your baby can never end up with the head under the covers or at night roll easily on the belly. This is very dangerous for your little one. Now there are of course many different baby sleeping bags for sale, read here how the best baby sleeping bag can choose your sweet baby!

When do you use a baby sleeping bag?

Parents usually choose to place their baby in a sleeping bag from birth or from the moment the baby sheets can be kicked off. Children can lie in a sleeping bag until they are about 2 years old. Many experts indicate that it is best to put your baby in a baby sleeping bag to prevent cot death for a large part. It also contributes to the safe sleeping of your baby. Benefits of a sleeping bag are:

  • Your baby can not kick a sleeping bag off. This keeps your little one on temperature.
  • In a sleeping bag your baby can roll around less quickly and easily. This way you prevent your child from ending up on the belly.
  • Your baby can not easily get under the covers. This reduces the risk of suffocation.
  • The feet are less likely to get stuck between the bars of the bed.
  • A baby sleeping bag contributes to the fixed sleeping ritual. Your baby knows that when the sleeping bag is about, it's time to sleep.
  • A sleeping bag is very easy to take anywhere. Your baby can sleep anywhere in the familiar sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag baby summer

When it's warm outside, it's best to put your baby in a baby sleeping bag that is especially for the summer. These sleeping bags are sleeveless or have detachable sleeves. Furthermore, the sleeping bag is thin, not padded and sometimes not lined. Usually these sleeping bags are made of cotton, because cotton is air permeable and your baby can easily lose the heat.

Winter sleeping bag and four seasons sleeping bag

When it is colder, a winter sleeping bag is good for your little one. These sleeping bags are padded or lined and usually have long sleeves. You can zip off the sleeves. If you want to tackle it easily, you can buy a four-season sleeping bag. Then you are ready for the whole year. Make sure you buy the right size for your baby!

A four-season sleeping bag can be adjusted to the temperature. In the winter you pull your baby the entire sleeping bag with sleeves. In the spring and autumn you zip off the sleeves and in the summer your baby can sleep in only the inner lining of the sleeping bag without sleeves.

What should you pay attention to when buying a sleeping bag?

To buy the best baby sleeping bag for your little one, there are three things that you should pay attention to anyway: the size, the closure and the material.

  • Choose the right size

    A baby sleeping bag is not a 'one size fits all' sleeping bag. You really have to pay attention to the size of the sleeping bag. A too big baby sleeping bag is dangerous because your baby can sink into the sleeping bag and can suffocate. A too small sleeping bag is very uncomfortable for your little one because the legs can not stretch properly. But what is the best size baby sleeping bag for your baby? Note the points below:

    • The length: Baby sleeping bags are available from 50 centimeters up to 160 centimeters. If you want to buy the right size, you measure your little one from the shoulders to the bottom of the feet. Then you add 15 centimeters and you have the right length.
    • The armholes: The arm holes of the sleeping bag should not be too big. If you can not get your baby's arms back through the holes when the sleeping bag is zipped up, then they are good.
    • Board: If your baby has the sleeping bag on, the sleeping bag must not be over your child's head.

    Would you like a four-season sleeping bag, then you have less choice in the number of inches of the sleeping bag, as they go all year round. Make sure you buy a sleeping bag that is adjustable in length.

  • Material and thickness sleeping bag

    If you are looking for the best baby sleeping bag, pay attention to the thickness and material. Sleeping bags are made of different materials such as:

    • Cotton: For example, cotton is the perfect fabric for summer sleeping bags since it is breathable.
    • Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic material that is often used as a filling in the sleeping bag. The advantage of polyester is that it does not absorb moisture and is therefore also mildew resistant. In addition, you can wash it well and you do not have to iron it.
    • Terry: Terry consists of cotton, but is actually less useful. It can go fluff and gets a bit louder over time (just think of old towels)
    • Jersey: Jersey is not one substance, but a collective name of various substances. Jersey is used in most T-shirts. It is elastic and stretchable.
    • Wool: Wool is nice and light, soft and warm and therefore ideal for winter sleeping bags.
  • Right closure

    The best baby sleeping bag has a zipper with the closure at the bottom of the legs. Buttons are not safe because they can be snapped open.

Baby sleeping bag newborn

Your newborn baby might be best put to sleep right away in a baby sleeping bag. Then you can reduce the chance of cot death a lot. If you are going to buy a sleeping bag for your little one, you should pay attention to the length of your little one. Most newborn babies are between 47 and 54 centimeters. Your baby sleeping bag should therefore be at least 60 centimeters.

Also pay close attention to the season. For a summer baby you can best buy a summer sleeping bag, or you immediately purchase a four-season sleeping bag. Make sure that it is adjustable in length.Your baby is going to grow considerably in the first year!

What is the best baby sleeping bag?

If you pay close attention to the size, closure and material, then there is not one best baby sleeping bag. All sleeping bags that meet your requirements are good. For example, the sleeping bags of the Hema and Prenatal are completely fine for your baby and do not cost much. Below is a brief overview of the best baby sleeping bags from well-known brands that are known for their good quality.

  • Puckababy sleeping bags

    Everywhere I read and hear from mothers that the brand Puckababy makes very good baby sleeping bags. Especially the 4-seasons sleeping bag is very good. This is adjustable in length and consists of several layers so that your baby has the right temperature all year round. The sleeping bag is suitable from the 6 months to approximately 2.5 years. So you can make progress. You pay for that, because the sleeping bag costs around 100 euros!

  • Little Dutch

    The sleeping bags from Little Dutch are not only of top quality, but also very nice to see through the beautiful colors and prints. If you are sensitive to a brand or trend, Little Dutch is definitely an option. The sleeping bags are not very cheap. For example, you pay 30 euros for a summer sleeping bag, while sleeping bags of 8 euros are also available.

  • Jollein sleeping bags

    The Jollein brand finds safety and health very important. For this reason, their products have the Oeko-tex certificate. Everything is made from natural dyes and the cotton is grown in non-toxic soil. No chemical pesticides are used and the brand is against child labor. The price is not too bad, a 4-season sleeping bag is already available from 25 euros.

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