Development baby 4 weeks old

Your baby is 4 weeks old and therefore already a month on our beautiful world. Slowly your little one goes from a tiny pink and wrinkled bundle of love to a slightly bigger child. Of course still the dearest! Read more in our baby calendar about the development of your baby. This week is you baby 4 weeks old.

In short, with a baby 4 weeks old

  • Find out why your 4 weeks old baby is crying.
  • Dress up your baby in summer or winter.
  • It may be that your baby is suffering from baby acne.
  • Try to practice with flasks.

The development of your baby 4 weeks old:

  • Why is your baby crying?

    Do you know why your baby is crying? For example, can you recognize the cry that indicates that your baby is hungry or do you know what kind of cry your baby puts up if he or she wants attention? No? Then try to listen carefully to the cry of your baby from now on and link it to the moment of the day. Just like you may have already done with the body language of your baby.

    If you know the cries of your child, you also know when your baby is just whining and there is nothing wrong. Sometimes your baby can cry a bit to process the impressions of the day.

  • Dress up your baby

    Now that your apple is a bit older, you may be more inclined to go out with that little one. Your new baby must of course be shown to the outside world. A newborn baby can not yet properly control his or her body temperature. For that reason it is wise to put newborn babies in a cap so that they do not lose all the heat. After a number of days, this will no longer be necessary.

    Still, it is important that your baby is not too cold or too hot. Work with layers. In warm weather you can easily pull out a layer and in cold weather you have your child so again with an extra shirt. Additional tips to dress your child well in the winter or summer you find below this article.

  • Not too many toys

    Sometimes it is tempting to fill the box with all toys and toys, but that is not nice for your baby. Try to make a choice in 2 to 3 toys and change them a bit. You can also hang a mobile above the box. In addition, make sure that your baby is not sucking on a teat all the time. Your baby can confuse this with food and therefore drink less. In addition, it affects the sense of touch and smell.

  • Baby acne

    It may happen that your little one has a little bit of pimples. These pimples, or baby acne, become visible between 2 to 4 weeks. You do not have to worry, the pimples disappear again.

    Cause? Those are your hormones. These hormones ended up in your child's blood when he or she was still safely in the womb. At the moment, the hormones still flow through that little body. They will be gone after a few weeks. How difficult it sometimes is: try not to sit on it otherwise you can cause scars.

How are mom, dad, the parent?

The first grueling weeks are now over. Maybe your immediate family has already been there to admire your new acquisition. If you feel better again and breastfeeding goes well (if you give it) then it can also be time to celebrate the birth of your new baby with other people. Always indicate where your limits are.

So do not plan 2 visits in a day or a full week. You really do not want to go and people can wait. Your health and that of your family are in first place.

  • To lose moisture

    During pregnancy you probably have not noticed that you retained fluid. Just think of those thick ankles and bulging cheeks. At this moment you are still trying to lose all that moisture and you will not miss that either. Chances are that you can sweat a lot and maybe you should go to the toilet more often. Remember that it is for a good cause (a body without a surplus of moisture). In addition, wear light clothing and multiple layers.

  • Practice with flasks

    Do you breastfeed and are you okay? Do you want to continue breastfeeding even when you go back to work later? Then try exercising with flasks from time to time.
    Let your child also get used to drinking from the bottle. You can do this by giving a few sips of expressed milk between the feeds and by replacing breastfeeding with a bottle formula with expressed milk. Also check whether you can already build a stock of expressed milk. Handy if you are going to work again soon!

Flexible money saving for your child?

With an investment account or child account you put money aside so that you can later help your child realize his dream!

Tip of the week with a baby 4 weeks old

  • Are you going to pump for the first time? Take the time for this. The first time will be very accustomed.
  • Is there no milk from your breasts during the pumping? Sometimes it helps to look at your baby.
  • Do not plan a maternity visit every day.

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