Diaper rash

A diaper rash (diaper dermatitis) can be recognized by a red, chapped and inflamed skin. There may also be small blisters or bumps and open spots that resemble grazes. Because nowadays better and moisture-absorbing diapers are available diaper rash less and less often. Nevertheless, about 35% to 40% of babies in the Netherlands sometimes get nappy rash. Read in this blog how you can treat and prevent diaper rash.

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Prevent nappy rash from doing so!

As long as it stays with a result, there is not much going on. If you immediately take action, the irritated skin can be quickly resolved. The best thing is of course to ensure that your baby does not get it at all. Although diaper rash is not harmful, it is of course anything but pleasant for your baby.

Diaper rash is mainly caused by the urine and stool in the diaper. These make the baby's skin week and in addition, urine or stool contains substances and bacteria that act on the skin and cause it to ignite.
These tips ensure that the baby skin is protected as much as possible so that nappy rash can be prevented:

  • Regular change

    The best way to prevent diaper rash is to change the diaper very regularly. Your child pees on average 14 times a day. In addition, your baby has stools twice a day. Now it is not necessary to change the diaper 16 times a day. If you try to aim at 8 times a day, that can reduce the chance of a result. Do not tighten the diaper, it is important that some air can circulate.

  • Good cleaning of the baby's skin

    It is important that the skin of your child remains as clean and dry as possible. So clean the buttocks well with a soft washcloth with lukewarm water or with non-alcoholic baby wipes that contain an oil or lotion. Do not try to rub or scrub too much and do not use rough washcloths, especially if your baby has a rash.

  • Coat with an ointment

    Coat the legs well with an ointment or Vaseline. This forms a small protective layer on the skin so that urine can not work as easily. Allow the ointment to retract before you put on the diaper again.

Treat nappy rash

Does your child have a diaper rash? Then you can do the following to treat the diaper rash:

  • Zinc oil or zinc ointment with a novice diaper rash

    Do you notice a beginning skin rash? Then lubricate some zinc oil or zinc ointment on the legs. This protects against moisture, prevents redness and has an antiseptic effect. Basically, zinc ointment is preferred because it covers better, the disadvantage is that it is not easily spreadable.

  • Avoid soap, alcohol and perfume

    Make sure you do not use soap. In addition, check that the baby wipes do not contain alcohol or perfume because that causes extra irritation.

  • Dry well

    Let the baby's bottoms dry well after you have cleaned them. It is best to let the skin dry in the air by leaving your baby without diaper every day. Make sure you are prepared for any accidents.

  • If necessary, transfer to disposable diapers

    Do you use cotton diapers? If your baby has a rash it can help if you switch to disposable diapers. In any case, always make sure that you rinse the cotton diapers with water after washing. Per liter you add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to remove all leftovers of soap.

Fungal infection and eczema

A diaper rash is not serious and, if you take action, can disappear after a few days. If the result persists for longer than a week, this may mean that your baby has a diaper eczema. In that case it is wise to go to the doctor.

If you see red spots with a scaly edge or red stuffed bumps, this may mean that your baby has a fungal infection. Sometimes you see small pimples appear. It can also prevent your child from getting spots on the mouth. Always contact your doctor so that he can prescribe an antifungal treatment to fight the fungus.

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