Cut the nails of the baby

If the nails of your baby are too long, he or she can cause a lot of damage. You can prevent this by regularly cutting the baby's nails. But how can you do that best? And from when do you need the cut baby's nails? Read all about this in this blog.

Cutting nails from a baby younger than 3 months

If your baby is younger than 3 months, then you better not cut the nails. The nails are still far too fragile. They can crack faster or double fold in the shears during cutting. It is best to file the nails of the baby with a cardboard file with fine grains. Another advantage of files is that accidents can happen less quickly.

How can you file the nails of the baby?

To avoid accidents, it is best to use a cardboard file. Spread your baby's fingers well and take one. Press the skin down slightly so that the nail is well exposed. File one side so that there are no brackets or sharp edges. With the file you can also clean the dirty nails with your baby.

How do you cut the nails of the baby?

Is the baby a bit older (at least 6 weeks old, preferably from 12 weeks old) then you can try to cut the nails. Use a baby nail scissors or at least a scissors with blunt tips.

You can also "cut" the nails of a baby with this nail trimmer!

Special baby cutters are also available. With these clippers or special scissors you can not injure your baby when he or she makes unexpected movements. If you are going to cut the baby nails you can best place your baby on the changing table.
Spread the fingers and grasp the hand well. Then take 1 finger and push the skin down. Follow the shape of the nail during cutting. If you are going to cut the cloves, cut the nails straight.

Tips to make it easier to cut

Here are some tips to make the nails of the baby cut easier:

  1. Put your baby on a changing table or cut the nails when your baby is sleeping.
  2. Cut the nails if your baby is calm and satisfied as after feeding.
  3. It is also useful to get help from your partner.
  4. Can not you cut it? Then go back to files. It may take a little longer, but sometimes it gets better.

Inflamed nail treat baby

Because the nails of the baby easily tear, it can happen that the baby's nail will ignite. Usually it is the cuticle that is inflamed, it is then red in color. Clean the finger 3 times a day with alcohol (70%) or Betadine iodine. Has it not disappeared after 3 days? Then contact the doctor.

How often do you have to cut the baby's nails?

The nails of your child grow pretty fast. Try to cut the baby's nails every week, but some parents choose to cut the nails several times a week. You can also cut a little better than too much. Because if you cut too much, the nail can start to ignite again. By the way, toenails grow less hard.

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