26 weeks pregnant

Now you 26 weeks pregnant you've reached a small milestone again. Your child is now viable! The chance that your baby can survive outside the womb is 81%. But hopefully he or she will stay for a short while because the lungs, brains and resistance have to be further developed. Your baby is now 33 centimeters and about the same size as a courgette. The weight is 760 grams.

Eyes open and continue to train with breathing

The eyes have been closed for a long time, from this week they will open! Your baby continues to practice breathing by breathing in amniotic fluid and then blowing it out again. In this way the lungs can continue to develop which is of course very important for when your baby gets the first air in the air!

26 weeks pregnant: Your baby is getting stronger

You will now be 26 weeks pregnant and notice that your baby is getting stronger and stronger. Although this is not always pleasant for you (think harder shovels in your stomach) it is a good sign for your baby. The stronger your child becomes, the healthier he or she will soon be! Because of the many movements of your baby it can happen that you feel pain under your ribs or in your lower abdomen.

In addition, sleeping will be a lot less easy for you. Your baby is exercising in cash and it is also becoming increasingly difficult to find a good attitude in your sleep.

Research has shown that it is better to fall asleep on your side if you are 26 weeks pregnant.

What can help to promote your sleep is sufficient exercise during the day. Also go out regularly. Make sure you do not drink too much just before you go to sleep. Maybe a pregnancy pillow can make you easier to lie in bed.

More frequent urination if you are pregnant

Your uterus is already a good size by the time you are twenty-six weeks pregnant. Your guts must even make room and are pushed aside. Your baby will also press your bladder more often so that you have to go to the toilet more often and get bowel problems. Some women suffer from constipation during pregnancy while others get diarrhea. Always keep eating and drinking well, especially if you have diarrhea.

Which form of exercise can you do best?

We often give you the advice to keep moving enough. But by the time you do 26 weeks pregnant is often easier said than done. Your growing belly will probably make you happy when you can get up. A good way to keep moving is swimming.
Only with swimming you have almost no problems with your stomach and you feel yourself again light instead of log and clumsy. So see if they are in your area pregnancy swimming lessons to give. Staying in motion can really help to relieve certain ailments and discomforts.

Do you already have a nesting rank?

One of the known symptoms that indicate that your birth is getting closer is nesting. This means that you will have an increasing need to clean up, clean up and set up the baby room completely. Do you suffer from this? Then go ahead especially, that way you can lose your energy and you are also on the move again!

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