Drinking a lot of alcohol before pregnancy is harmful

Expectant mothers who drink alcohol on a night out before pregnancy can thus cause harm to their baby. So even if you still have not pregnant are. If you want to get pregnant soon, you better not drink alcohol. With a lot of alcohol is then meant 5 glasses of alcohol or more on an evening during which the alcohol permillage rises to 0.8 or higher.

Drinking plenty of alcohol before pregnancy, risk of diabetes

New research by Rutgers University in the United States has shown that expectant mothers who drink alcohol on an occasion are more likely to have diabetes later in life.
So drinking large amounts of alcohol if you plan to become pregnant should not be done. You can drink alcohol but 'Binge Drinking' is better left out.

Leader of the research professor Dipak Sarkar has researched in rats the effect of alcohol on the offspring.
He discovered that the baby rats suffered damage even if their mothers did not receive alcohol during pregnancy, but only received a lot of alcohol.

Outcomes of the research into alcohol use for conception

'The effects of alcohol use during pregnancy on an unborn child are known. More chance of potential birth defects and learning and behavioral problems, "he said.
"But what was not known yet is that drink a lot of alcohol before pregnancy also has negative effects on the health of the baby. It makes your child more susceptible to illness during adulthood. '

Knowing more? Read the complete report from Rutgers University here

Did you also start drinking less when you wanted to become pregnant? And does your partner also participate in moderating alcohol? Because it is also true for men that alcohol has a negative influence on the quality of their sperm cells.

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