These women took up being pregnant this year!

You will think you have such a post like "these girls are going to marry this year" or "these men are good in bed", but what I am going to tell you now has been thought about. The following women names become pregnant this year is not sucked out of my thumb or invented. The women names from the table below have been thought about. In fact, I can explain, substantiate and argue. I'll tell you how I did that.

Average age at which women become pregnant in the Netherlands

According to the CBS, you know that the agency that keeps all the statistics in the Netherlands is pregnant for the first time at the age of 29,4. Thirty years ago, 70% of the women had a baby before the age of 30, now that is only 33%. You can find all these data here.

If you subtract from the year 2018, 29 years, you will be born in 1989. So if you were born in 1989, you are most likely to become pregnant for the first time this year, according to statistics.

1989, which baby names were popular at the time

Now you think, but how do you get those women who took names? Are they then just invented? So no. You also have sources to find out which first name was popular in which year. Everything is being updated nowadays.
In 1989, the following baby names were chosen the most by parents:


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Which women names become pregnant in 2018?

So the answer to the above question can now be given. If your name appears in the table, then you are most likely to become pregnant for the first time this year. Does your name not appear in the table but were you born in 1989? Of course you also have a chance to become pregnant this year.

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