10 things you (secretly) do when you are pregnant!

You are pregnant! It is always a small party, especially when you have made a lot of effort to get pregnant. That the pregnancy is not just something, of course you have already experienced. Just by looking at your body, you see that in these 9 months you will see something different. But not only your appearance changes. Also your behavior! Because consciously or perhaps unconsciously, there are things you (secretly) do when you are pregnant. How do I know that? I do a number of things too! Do not tell anyone!

10 things you (secretly) do when you are pregnant


  1. Your pregnancy is a perfect excuse to enjoy

    Jaaahhhh I know: you have to stay healthy and not to eat too much or 'eat for two', but sometimes .... sometimes I use my pregnancy as an excuse to eat that chocolate bar anyway. "Ah, this time it can. After all, I am pregnant, 'I say to myself, and then I take a cheerful bite from my bar. Hmmmm. I think it can be done now and then. Regularly making a trip to the McDonalds also seems to be common in pregnant ladies.

  2. You do a boob check regularly

    Especially in the first trimester I had the feeling that I saw my breasts grow. Every morning I did a boob check to check if they had not already become a cup bigger. Now it is not so necessary for me to grow an even bigger facade. I already started with cup D. The ladies who are less fortunate, may be super happy with an increasing cup size and will therefore be happy to admire their new firm and firm breasts. Go ahead especially.

  3. Seeing yourself extensively in the mirror

    I often stand naked in front of the mirror to take a good look at my stomach and changing body. I check if I already suffer from stretch marks, if I have a stretch mark (and I have one) and how big my belly is. Now that I am 25 weeks pregnant, I really feel that I am increasing in size every week. Somewhere I find my belly beautiful, my little girl is in it! On the other hand, I sometimes have to swallow a little bit of a belly and I still have 15 weeks! '

  4. Blame your hormones with every small eruption

    I do not have terrible mood swings, but when I sometimes shoot out of my shuffle, and realize that it was not very reasonable, I always say: "Sorry, honey, it's the hormones. I can not help it'. I also do that when I have to cry for a TV commercial. Super convenient sometimes.

  5. Blame your pregnancy if you leave a little one

    I can not really do anything about it, but sometimes a slippery slips me away. Even then I say without a glance or blush: "That's because of the pregnancy, I can not help it!" The nice thing is that everyone goes along and I'm not even ashamed of it. It is also because of the pregnancy ?!

  6. Show very well that you are pregnant, and have not arrived

    In the first half of the pregnancy I sometimes put my stomach up to notice that I was pregnant, and had not become fatter. Also in restaurants or other places I emphasized my pregnancy, for example by putting my hand on my stomach, to show that I had not really arrived or just had eaten too much. Come on with a special treatment!

  7. Loosen the knot of your pants

    When I had not switched to pregnancy trousers in my first trimester, I often took off my pants by the end of the evening. What a relief! The harder my stomach grew, the more often (and in several places) I gave my tummy some space.

  8. Shaving yourself is at a lower level

    Previously, I shaved my legs and my intimate area every weekend. Now I do not do that anymore every week. I can not all get along so well and yes ... I do not feel so sexy, so why bother right?

  9. Use your pregnancy as an excuse to cancel appointments or cancel earlier

    Your pregnancy is the best reason to drop out early at parties or get-togethers, or to cancel. You are tired and pregnant. Once you combine those words in a sentence, you can usually count on a lot of understanding. Nobody will try to persuade you to come anyway, because you do not do that with a pregnant woman. This way you can also go home on time at compulsory parties. Yesterday I used my pregnancy test to get the last course of our 5-course dinner earlier. Because I was tired (that was really true) and I am pregnant (also still the case).

  10. People who can eat and curse everything

    Yesterday I was in a fancy restaurant where everyone was enjoying a delicious wine package, except me. Even when I'm at a wedding party or at a Sunday afternoon drink, I can not resist being jealous. I then see everyone who sip their glass of wine, or deliciously tears a beer and in the meantime takes a bite of a filet of americain. The only advantage: the day after I am very happy that I am not broke.

Do you have something you secretly do when you are pregnant? Let me know!

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