Pregnant in the sun, is that safe?

Recently it was beautiful weather in the Netherlands. I think it has been a long time since we touched 26 degrees in April. My husband and I decided to enjoy together as much as possible before our girl comes. So when we saw this weather report, we immediately planned a day at the beach with the two of us. How wonderful to say, such a holiday in the middle of your work week! Pure enjoyment, satisfied and still pretty white, I was lying pregnant in the sun with my big belly. But was that actually a good idea?

Pregnant in the sun, what are the risks?

I had not thought about it that long. Armed with a factor of 50, a lot of water and a parasol I went to the beach. That seemed to me protection enough. Later, a friend of mine asked me if you could be pregnant in the sun. 'I had read somewhere that the amniotic fluid would then be too hot for your baby'. It seemed a bit strong to me, but I thought: let me sort it out.

Since I had been to the beach before, it was a mustard after me. But hey, maybe you do something about it. After all, the summer has yet to begin. The risks of being pregnant in the sun are not really life-threatening. You do not have to be afraid that your baby will be cooked in the increasingly hot amniotic fluid, because that amniotic fluid will not get very hot. Your baby therefore remains completely safe. The only person at risk is mother herself!

During pregnancy you can do something less well against heat, so you may experience dizziness or palpitations sooner. If you suffer from this, you simply have to get out of the sun right away. You also have to make sure that you do not burn, but that also applies if you are not pregnant. Besides burning, if you do not rub yourself well, you can also get a pregnancy mask, and you really do not want that.

Larger chance of pregnancy mask

What you should pay attention to is that you do not develop a pregnancy mask by lying too much in the sun with your face. A pregnancy mask consists of dark pigmentation spots in your face. This is not harmful to your health, but does not look very nice. The worst thing is that they only disappear after the birth. With some ladies it can even take a bit longer.

I absolutely do not want a pregnancy mask, so I always rub my face with a day cream with factor and I also have that handy facial spray with a factor of 50 that I can spray on my face quickly (from Garnier, see photo) when I go to the sun sit or walk.

Sun on your skin is right

It is therefore absolutely not necessary to avoid the sun as a whole when you are pregnant. In fact, every day 15 to 20 minutes in the sun is good for you because you then make all the required vitamin D. In addition, a nice tan is also not wrong.

I was a bit shocked at how white I was. A bit of a brown body is simply more beautiful and you feel a lot healthier and finer. The most important thing is that you continue to lubricate with a high factor. Since these were my first rays of sunlight for a year, I have lubricated with a factor of 50. In total I spent an hour in the sun and yet I'm still a little bit colored.

Important tips for when you are pregnant with sunbathing

A few more tips that you should really consider to be safely pregnant in the sun:

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