18 weeks pregnant

You are 18 weeks pregnant and your baby is now about 20 centimeters tall. Just as big as a bell pepper and the weight is 200 grams. Your womb has the size of a melon with eighteen weeks of gestation. So it is not strange when you begin to see a belly.

If this is your first child, your belly will still be small. But if you already have children, you have already developed a well-visible belly when you are 18 weeks pregnant! During this period of your pregnancy, your child is exercising a lot in the stomach. Have you already felt your baby?

Development of nervous system

If you are 18 weeks pregnant, the development of the nervous system continues with your baby. Meanwhile, quite a few nerve cells have been formed. Your baby's nerves are now covered with myelin. This is a substance that ensures that the nerves can communicate well with the brain. Furthermore, the senses are increasingly being developed and refined, such as hearing, sight, taste and smell. Your child's brain will grow as much as 90 grams per month from this week!

18 Weeks pregnant and suffer from your back

Many pregnant women who are 18 weeks pregnant will suffer from their back. That is because the center of gravity of your body shifts forward due to the weight of the uterus and your baby. As a result, you burden the joints in a different way and they are not used to protesting. This results in pain in your lower back. It is best to ensure that your posture stays as straight as possible. Also pay attention to lifting or bending during pregnancy. Try to get up as much as possible from your legs (squats) and not from your back.

18 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

Sports can still be done

Exercise is still important and at the moment you are 18 weeks pregnant you can still exercise. Your heart will go a little bit harder during this period, but if you have a healthy heart, that does not have to have any consequences. Take a moment of rest from time to time and always keep an eye on your diet!

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