My baby has the hiccups. What are you doing then?

Your baby has the hiccups? Please do not worry about it. Just like the hiccups in adults, it can not hurt your baby. It is only a bit annoying at times. In this blog you can read what the hiccups are, what you can do about it and how you can prevent it.

What is the hiccup?

The hiccups are a sudden, spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a large muscle that lies between the abdomen and the lungs. You use this muscle for breathing. During a hiccup you breathe a lot of air in one go. When you inhale this air it flows past the vocal cords and causes that typical hiccups.
In most cases, the hiccups are over again after a few minutes to half an hour.

Baby hiccups in belly

If you find yourself baby has the hiccups is that for your little one certainly not the first time. During your pregnancy, your baby has often had the hiccups. If your baby has a hiccups in the stomach, you can sometimes notice this by shocking or rhythmic movements in your womb. This is a very natural phenomenon. The hiccups are caused by your little one swallowing amniotic fluid. This can not hurt.

Cause of the hiccup in a baby

The hiccups with your baby have various causes. The most common causes are eating too quickly or drinking too greedily, while too much air is being chopped. Your baby has the hiccups at that moment because the tummy starts to set up causing the diaphragm to become over stimulated and contract. Other causes for the hiccups are:

  • Reflux
  • Allergy, for example for certain substances in breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Asthma: the airways ignite in asthma. To breathe better, your baby will gasp, which can cause the diaphragm to make spastic movements.

How often baby hiccups?

How often your baby has the hiccups is the cause of the hiccups. For example, if your baby often drinks too quickly or gets a lot of air, then your baby will have the hiccups more often than if you try to prevent this. If the hiccups are caused by reflux, allergy or asthma, it can also occur more often.
If your baby often suffer from the hiccups then it is good to go to the doctor so that he can see what the cause is. In any case, first try our tips to prevent or remedy the hiccups.

Prevent hiccups from your baby

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your baby does not get the hiccups.

  • Do you bottle-feed and does your baby often have the hiccups after drinking? Check if the hole in the teat of the bottle is not too big. This allows your baby to suck in too much air.
  • Do you breastfeed? Perhaps your baby will suck in too much air or the mother's milk will flow too quickly causing your baby to drink too quickly. Therefore, make sure you are properly putting your baby. If you know that your milk is flowing quickly you can best catch the first milk before you put your baby.
  • Let your baby peas during and after feeding.
  • Make sure you do not feed until your baby is very hungry because then your baby will eat and drink greedily. If you notice that your baby drinks quickly, then take short breaks.
  • It can sometimes help to feed your baby vertically
  • When breastfeeding, make sure that the mouth covers your complete nipple and your nipple is deep in the mouth. Read more about laying your baby here.
  • Make sure your baby is awake during bottle feeding. It is common for babies to fall asleep.

How to let baby farm?

To prevent hiccups, it is good to let your baby farm during feeding and after feeding. But how can you let your baby farm? Put your baby on your shoulder and then gently tap between the shoulder blades. That way you can raise the peasant.

If you want to let your baby farm during feeding, wait for 20 seconds after the farmer to continue feeding. In bottle feeding you can let your little one farm when the bottle is about half empty. Always wait a few seconds before you put your baby over your shoulder to let them farm.

Baby has the hiccups

Baby has the hiccups? Here are some tips to help your baby.

  1. Let your baby have a drink, this can already help against the hiccups.
  2. Keep your child upright and gently massage the back
  3. Just wait quietly

Can a baby sleep with the hiccups?

Baby has the hiccup around the time he / she has to go to bed? The chance that your baby can sleep during the hiccup is not very big. Try to fall asleep yourself if you have the hiccups. It can also be better that your child is sitting upright. In most cases, the hiccups never last very long. So it is best to wait until the hiccup is over before you put your baby to sleep.

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