The best diaper bucket

A diaper pail, that is one of those things that you may not realize that you really need them, but of which you will know later that they are indeed very handy. Diaper pails are available in various types and sizes. From simple versions to super hygienic versions where you almost do not suffer from odors. Do you want to know what the best diaper bucket is for your family? You read it in this blog.

Why a diaper bucket?

Why would you buy a diaper bucket if you already have a trash can ?! Yes, why? There are several reasons to purchase a diaper bucket, such as:

  • An open door, but you also change the diaper at night. Are you going to bring them down each time while you're still half asleep?
  • It is useful to throw in the diapers right away so that you do not suffer any more. You realize that in the beginning you have to change a diaper from 8 to 10 times a day. Not handy if you have to walk to the container every time.
  • A normal trash can is perfectly suitable for everyday waste, but not for diapers where a super strong and dirty smell comes from. A diaper bucket has been specially made for this.

What should the best diaper pail meet?

To buy the best nappy bin, it is useful if you initially know what to look out for when buying a diaper bucket. As with all baby stuff, you do not get away easily when it comes to diaper pails, because there are various types and sizes with different advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of the best diaper bucket for your little one, pay attention to the points below.

  • Odor control

    The biggest advantage of a diaper pail is that it helps to keep dirty odors out of your home. A good diaper bucket therefore has that function. If the diaper pail does not have it, then it actually has no added value at all. Odor control can be in the form of a refill cassette (bags in which the diapers are packed airtight), airtight lid or filter.

  • Possible child lock

    If you have older children walking around the house, your best diaper pail is a diaper pail with a kind of child lock. You do not want to see those nappies scattered through the house. A child lock on a diaper pail can take the form of a special way of opening or a small lock to which you must first turn.

  • Good material

    A diaper pail is made of plastic or steel. There is not necessarily a version here that is many times better than the others. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the plastic version is cheaper and they often have more options. The disadvantage is that they are less durable and that the material absorbs the bad odors over time, so it will stick in the diaper bucket. That brings me immediately to the advantage of a steel diaper pail: the odors do not linger, they are also more durable and last longer. But the price can certainly be a reason not to buy them.

  • User friendly

    As with everything you buy, user friendliness is super important. And that is especially true for a diaper pail, because you have to use it at a time when you can not take your time. The best diaper bucket is:

    • Of good size.
      Tall people can better purchase a higher diaper bucket. Or you buy a little one and put it on somewhere.
    • You can easily deposit the diaper in the bucket. So you do not have to carry out any difficult operations for this.
    • Emptying the contents or changing the bag is easy.
    • You can easily clean or maintain the bucket. Some diaper pails have a liner, this is a kind of plastic loop in the bucket that ensures that the bag almost does not touch the walls of the bucket. This prevents the bucket from absorbing odors.

Diaper bucket without cassette or with cassette?

A diaper bucket with a cassette packs each diaper separately in a bag. This bag is sealed airtight by means of a turn-through system. If you put the diaper in the bucket, you have to turn a handle. The diaper is then packaged airtight and thus no longer smells odors. Very hygienic, but not very cheap.

The purchase of this nappy bucket is often a little more expensive and you also have to buy the bags in which the diapers are packed. Moreover, these diaper pails are not easy to clean, so that at a given moment you can still suffer from bad odors.

If you buy a diaper pail that is airtight, then you only suffer from the odors when you open the bucket. You can clean the bucket often and easily. So they have both advantages and disadvantages.

Dear diaper consumer binder

The best diaper bucket according to various websites and according to an extensive test of is the Diaper Champ Diaper Bucket. This is also one of the most popular diaper pails in the Netherlands. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

He has a rolling valve that keeps all odors effectively in the bucket. This diaper bucket has no cassette so you do not have to buy separate bags. It is not very cheap, but you do not have much extra costs when you use it. Incidentally, there are ordinary trash bags.

Top 3 of best diaper pails

  • The Diaper Champ Diaper Bucket

    This is also the best diaper bucket. The Diaper Champ is available in 3 sizes: regular, medium and large. For one baby, the regular is often big enough. Price: € 59.95

  • Best steel diaper pail: The Ubbi diaper pail

    Would you like a steel diaper pail, then you can best choose the Ubbi diaper pail.This is made of durable material, contains a child lock and looks super stylish. The biggest advantage is that steel does not absorb odors and also keeps the odors out through a handy slide valve. You do not have to buy refill cassettes (because the bucket does not have a cassette) and it is suitable for all plastic bags and trash bags. Price: € 79, -

  • Best diaper bucket with cassette: The Tommee Tippee

    The Tommee Tippee is the best diaper bucket with cassette. The Tommee is user-friendly, inexpensive to purchase and odorless! This is partly because every diaper is packaged airtight. The purchase is only € 19.95, but there are additional costs associated with this diaper bucket. You have to buy a refill (the bags in which the diapers are packed). These costs approximately € 24.99 for a package of 3 months.

Best cheap diaper bucket

Luma diaper pails are the best diaper pails if you want a cheap and simple variant. The lid closes the bucket airtight so you do not suffer from odors when the bucket is closed. This is the best diaper bucket for parents who still empty the diaper bucket in the container every day and just look for something to temporarily store the nappies. The price is only € 24.99 and you do not have to buy separate bags.

Maintenance of your diaper bucket

If you find a simple bucket the best diaper bucket for your household, that's fine. Especially if you maintain the diaper bucket well, you have a great product! You can keep your cheap diaper pail hygienic by:

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