How often does a baby have to take a bath?

Bathing your little baby is often one of those things you have to do as a brand new parent that you have no experience with. Do you want to know how to approach this? Read here how to put your newborn baby in the bath. We can also reassure you a little: the first time you will be assisted by the maternity assistant. After this you have to do it yourself. But how often should a baby take a bath? You read it here.

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The very first bath after birth

You do not have to worry about the very first bath. Under the professional watchful eye of the maternity care, you will introduce your baby to the bath for the first time. This will not be on the day of birth. Your baby will then have a small protective layer (vernix caseosa) that can stay on for a while. This way your baby will be better protected from the cold as your baby is not good at regulating the body temperature in the first days.
Usually babies take bath in about 2 to 3 days after birth.

Best time to give your baby a bath

Newborn babies are best bathed before eating. After eating can result in an uneasy stomach and spitting in the bath. In addition, make sure that your baby is not hungry in the bath, because it is rather difficult to relax and enjoy. And let that just be the intention of the bath. The golden mean is therefore the best.

With a newborn baby it does not matter at what time of the day you go to bathe together. It is best to wash an older baby before bedtime. The bath makes him or her nice and rosy and slow. This will allow your baby to fall asleep later. A good evening ritual can be: in the bath, read the story and then go to bed.

How often does a baby have to take a bath?

And now answer the question: 'how often should a baby take a bath?' A newborn baby is certainly not allowed to take a bath every day, the skin is still too fragile for that. In addition, these little ones are not very dirty, because they are all day long. Generally, 2 to 3 times a week is more than enough. In the meantime, make sure that you keep the diaper area clean and wash the face and the hands several times a day.

Older babies are more likely to take a bath, especially when they reach the age when they can crawl and get regular nutrition. How often is a little bit about your little explorer and fool monkey. Sometimes you will not get out of bed to bathe your baby more often because your baby is just very dirty. Always use bath oil or a moisturizing cream especially for babies to prevent dehydration of the skin.
A toddler (from 1 year) can take a bath every day.

Places that need extra attention

Now that you know how often a baby needs a bath, we have another important tip. Small babies have small pleats everywhere where dirt accumulates easily. Sometimes in places where you do not expect it at all. Therefore, always pay attention to the following areas during the bath and during washing:

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