4 weeks pregnant

If you 4 weeks pregnant the embryo will continue to develop. In the beginning it is still a round fruit and in this period it gets an oval shape. The first organs are formed and the placenta also develops. In this fourth week of pregnancy, the first pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings and tender breasts often begin.

Development of the embryo

The embryo that has adhered to the uterine wall begins to develop. This is done by the creation of seed leaves. These germ sheets are the basis for the organs. The sheets consist of 3 layers. The liver, lungs, heart, bones, kidneys and muscles are formed from these layers and the hair, eyes, nervous system and skin are created in the outer layer.

In the first weeks your baby is fed through the yolk sac which consists of two membranes that surround the baby. In the meantime, the placenta is being developed that takes over the task of feeding from week 12 onwards. The yolk sachet will then dissolve.

Do you want to know how your baby is developing? Then follow the growth of your baby week by week in our pregnancy calendar.

4 weeks pregnant: Pregnancy test

When women are four weeks pregnant, they start to feel the first signs that they are pregnant. In this period, menstruation should normally start again, but it will stay off now. That is because the embryo secretes a hormone that stops menstruation.

A hormone that is increasingly being produced around this period is the hCG hormone, also called the 'pregnancy hormone'. Every 2 days the amount of this hormone is doubled. A pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG in your urine.

If you are 4 weeks pregnant, a test could already measure the hormone. Keep in mind that the test can be negative while you are pregnant.

Is this the case, but do you really feel that you are expecting, then wait 3 days and then test again. The hormone reaches its peak from week 7 and this peak continues until week 12.

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Important: healthy food

It is best to start eating healthy immediately if you are trying to become pregnant. If you do not do this yet and you notice that you are now pregnant then it is definitely a good time to start healthy nutrition. If you are 4 weeks pregnant your embryo is fed by your body, it is therefore good to be more careful with certain foods from now on.

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