8 Benefits of being pregnant in the spring!

It's spring! Today was the first day that the doors were open with us and the jacket was simply nice outside. What have we been waiting for this for a long time? What was that mega long last winter? But now we can go out again! Are you pregnant at the moment? I have a few benefits here being pregnant in the spring, so you can enjoy even more of this season (and your pregnancy)! Do you have other benefits?

Spring fever

Everyone gets spring fever on the first beautiful days of the year. The windows and doors open and life looks a little better. Lighter, airier, sunnier and fresher. We awaken from a heavy hibernation and feel new energy flowing into our body. It's spring. The cold makes room for the spring sun and the snow and frozen puddles turn water into crocuses and daffodils. The gray grass turns green again and the birds sing again in the morning. How nice is life, and especially if you are pregnant in spring!

Benefits of being pregnant in the spring

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. Our little girl is coming in the middle of the summer. If you are pregnant, you cover about 3 seasons. Being pregnant in the winter was something I did not like. Especially not because I was pregnant during the holidays. But in addition, it's just no fun. The winter strengthens negative feelings and sometimes just makes you want to stay indoors. Being pregnant in the spring is much more fun and this is why:

  • 1. You need less maternity wear

    In winter I usually have 3 to 4 layers. Hempje, another shirt, shirt, cardigan. In the spring you do not have to put so many layers and you can save money! Not only on the cost of new maternity wear, but it also made a difference!

  • 2. You can put on relaxed dresses

    When we save on costs: if you can wear dresses you also save money. And also these are really the best. I actually wear pregnancy shorts, but I now notice that sometimes I am very happy in the evening when they are allowed to go out again. In dresses you do not suffer from a waistband that leaves an annoying red line under your stomach at the end of the day. It is nice and airy and smooth!

  • 3. The whole nature becomes mother

    If you have not yet developed so many mother's feelings, then you might get that in the spring. In nature, almost all animals become mothers. The chicks of the geese and ducks, small birds that tweet in the litters, calves and foals in the pasture. Everywhere there is new life. I have also been watching the unwise cute lambs from our neighbors for a few weeks now. Every time I see them, I melt and I rub my stomach. Another 4 months ...

  • 4. You can move out and move

    I understand that in the winter you prefer to turn on Netflix and stick on the couch, while the kilos are secretly coming pretty quickly. This is different in the spring. When the weather is nice outside, we go outside faster. Go for a walk, start with the spring cleaning (especially handy for the mothers with nesting grade!) Was the windows and take a bike. That way you can get moving and that is super good for your body, state of mind and the ultimate spring feeling.

  • 5. You are happier. Yes really!

    Everyone is happier in the spring, it is true. Especially on the days when it is around 20 degrees outside, the sun shines and we can sit on the terrace or light the BBQ. And this cheerfulness of everyone around you helps you to forget the unpleasant pregnancy ailments.

  • 6. It is ideal again to be pregnant

    In the spring it is warm enough to put on comfortable and airy clothes, but not so warm that your whole body swells like a balloon. Because of warm weather you can hold more moisture, a known 'problem' during the summer. You can also just move without immediately breaking out of the sweat and feel yourself still energetic. Not slow or too cramped because of the cold. I tell you: the best weather to be pregnant!

  • 7. Nice long light

    It is nice long light outside, which gives you even more energy to do those last baby jobs before your little one comes. Make sure, for example, that the baby room is finished on time and you have all the things in the house.

  • 8. Many holidays!

    Are you still working? In the spring you get free and for nothing a few happy holidays so you are free again a few days. That eases the work week and gives you extra time to do fun things, prepare yourself for the small and do some chores. But of course you can also sit on the terrace with a delicious Radler. Did I do yesterday?

Do you also become so happy with spring?

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