Best walker for a baby

A walking chair is a chair that is attached to a large frame. There are wheels at the bottom of the frame. At the seat is a tray with often also some toys on it. Your child sits in the chair and can reach the floor with the cloves. By pushing off your baby can move in the chair. Super fun for your little one, of course, but the walker is quite controversial. Some people are fiercely opposed and others are not. Read more about walkers here and if you want to buy one, which one best walking chair is for a baby.

Baby walker from how many months?

A walker is suitable for babies from 6 months to about 14 months. Always pay attention to what is on the packaging or in the description, because it can vary a bit per walking chair.

Baby walker bad for hips?

There are people who claim that a walker helps your baby to walk. But many physiotherapists are not in favor of the walking chair. It is said that a walking chair is bad for the development of the hips and the legs. This is because the baby's muscles are not developed properly.

It is indicated that you can learn to walk your baby in the natural way instead of with a walking chair. Therefore do not put your baby in the walker too long. Besides that this can not be good for the hips, it is possible that your baby has a head. That is because the baby is always walking on the toes. In severe cases, the muscles shorten. The baby then needs splints to deal with this.
But again: this is in the first case and only if your baby stays in the walking chair for a long time.

Best baby walker according to the Consumers' Association

To be immediately clear: there is no best walking chair according to the consumer association. The consumer association and VeiligheidNL advise walking chairs. It is best to use activity rugs instead of walkers to encourage your child to walk. If your baby has mastered walking a bit more (by learning in the 'normal' way) then you can purchase a push cart or walking cart where your child can walk behind.

  • More accidents with walking chair

    The reason why the Consumers Association discourages runners is because more accidents can happen with a walker. Your child can move faster and is therefore faster in places that can be dangerous. Think of the stove, hot ovens, fireplace or your pot of fresh tea on the table. Also stairs and steps are not safe. The baby walker can tilt or your baby falls with chair and all of the stairs.

  • Developments hamper

    Another reason why the Consumers' Association recommends that you can not purchase a walking chair is because it is in the way of the motor development of your child. According to the Consumers' Association, it is a misconception that children learn to walk earlier thanks to a walking chair, in fact: they think that your child learns to walk less quickly.

Normally a baby has to go through several stages before he can walk. Like lying down, rolling over, sitting, crawling, pulling up and standing. All these phases are necessary to develop a sense of balance and to train the muscles in the right way. Babies in a walking chair do not go through all these phases. In the walker they can move with the toes on the ground and move forward like that. They do not need balance because they are sitting in a chair. This does not help to learn to walk faster and it is also unnatural.

Tips to buy the best walker

If you still want to buy a walking chair for your child, then you should of course know all of that yourself! In any case, always make sure that your child does not sit in one piece for too long and that you put your baby on a rug a lot so that you learn to roll over, go crawling and go up.

The best walking chair for your child is a walking chair that complies with the current standard: NEN-EN 1273: 2005. Always check here, although most new walkers you buy now will meet this standard. Other points to pay attention to to buy the best baby walker for your baby and avoid unpleasant consequences:

  • Ensure that there are no sharp edges on the seat.
  • Ensure that the chair is durable and sturdy.
  • Never leave your child alone in a chair.
  • It is best to buy a walking chair only if your child can sit on his own, but can not yet walk by himself.
  • Do not put your child in the baby walker anymore if the feet are vertical, ie completely on the floor or at the edge of the frame.
  • Do not put your child in the seat for more than 20 minutes a day.
  • Make sure your child can not come close to dangerous places such as the stairs, steps, stove etc.
  • Set the walking chair to the correct height, that is if your child can touch the ground with the feet.

Tip: Check here what the best place to play is for your baby!

Which walker is the best

Below is a top 3 of the best walkers that are available and therefore also meet the standard:

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