Have you already thought about the funeral of your family?

The funeral of your family is not the first thing you think about when you are pregnant or have just given birth. That is logical because you have completely different things at that moment. But you will have to think about it at some point. Because of course you want everything to be well arranged for the next of kin if something unexpected happens to one of the family members.

Why you want to organize the funeral of your family well

The fact that someone is dying is already terrible enough. If at that time you also have to arrange everything yourself and have to find out what is financially feasible, at least not ideal.
By properly recording in advance the wishes and possibilities for a funeral of your family, you avoid unnecessary extra ballast during the difficult period after a death.

First of all, it is wise to take out funeral insurance. This can be done in various ways that I will explain later. In addition, you will have to record your wishes yourself or at least have to discuss them with your partner and / or other relatives. Although you do not want to think about it, you will have to arrange this not only for your own funeral but also for your child or children.

A funeral for a baby or child

Something you do not want and never hope to experience is the funeral of your baby or child. As a new mother I know that this will leave a huge void and pain.
Unfortunately, a funeral of your family can also be a funeral for your baby or child. Many people "forget" to arrange this, on the one hand because they do not think about it and on the other because they do not want to think about it.

The funeral of a child and in particular the funeral of a baby is more emotional than any other funeral. The funeral society and the employees of a funeral home, crematorium or cemetery also have a lot more emotions at such a funeral.
Several companies have special protocols for the funeral of a baby. For example, they have a roadmap to relieve the parents as much as possible during this difficult period of their lives.

What is involved in a funeral for a child?

In addition to the "normal" matters that have to be arranged at a funeral, you have extra things at the funeral of a child such as:

  • The support and role of brothers and sisters during the funeral.
  • The support of the school and classmates where the child sat.
  • Other social contacts of child.
  • Help with the even more emotional funeral speeches.
  • The support of the grief processing in the family members.
  • Guidance and advice for the difficult period after the funeral.

It is therefore important to take out a good funeral insurance. Do not just look at the price but also what the additional conditions are. That way you know what to expect when you need the insurance.

Compare funeral insurance policies

It is therefore important to compare funeral insurance policies, for example on zorgvaart.nl. On this comprehensive website you can directly compare the possibilities and conditions of various large funeral companies.

Pay attention to the following conditions when taking out insurance for the funeral of your family:

  • Is the policy based on a fixed amount or does it grow?
  • Do you pay the premium continuously or for a fixed period?
  • Is the insured amount paid in kind or in cash?
  • Are you obliged to have the service provided at a connected funeral home or do you have more freedom of choice?
  • Is there personal guidance before, during and after the funeral?

These are a number of things that you need to consider when you take out insurance for the funeral of your family at health care or another funeral insurance provider. If you have any questions or doubts, let yourself be informed about the (im) possibilities so that you can make the right choice.

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