Baby in the sun: Tips and advice to protect your baby

Nice and beautiful weather in the Netherlands we all cherish, so we go outside at the first warm rays of the sun. You and your baby can also enjoy the sun, but this requires some precautionary measures. No matter how nice the sun is, for your baby this heat source is not always good or safe. So make sure you have a good one protect your baby in the sun. As long as you take our tips and advice into account, you and your family can also go outside.

When can a baby stay in the sun?

It is better to keep babies up to 1 year out of the sun as much as possible. The skin of young babies is still very thin and fragile and can give your baby only 5 to 10 minutes of protection. Protect your baby in the sun so optimally by always sunburn with a factor of 50 on the smears when you go out the door. Or better still: half an hour before you go out the door. Then lubricate generously every 2 hours.

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Even if your baby is not in the sun but in the shade it is good to rub. The sun is everywhere and can burn the skin of your baby in the shade and through T-shirts. For sunburn applies: better too often than too little. After all, it is not interesting for your baby to turn brown. Protecting your baby as soon as he or she comes out is much more important!

Baby in sun behind glass

It does not matter for the UV radiation whether it touches your baby directly or through glass: the power of the sun is just as strong. So try to avoid this as much as possible. Especially in the car it can become dangerous when your baby is lying in the sun. Besides the fact that the skin is not washed against it, it can get pretty hot for your baby which can cause dehydration symptoms. So also lubricate your baby if you are going to make a car ride and provide a sunscreen!

Which sunburn baby

It is good to buy a sunscreen with factor 50 for your baby that is especially for babies. Even when your baby is just born, you can already use sunburn. Make sure you buy a hypo allergenic sunscreen that also protects against UVA radiation and UVB radiation. Some examples are the Sun kids SPF50 from Lancaster or the hypoallergenic line from Collistar SPF30 & SPF50.
Can not you find sunburn for babies? Then use a mild version without alcohol with a factor of 50.

Baby burned by the sun?

Is your baby burned by the sun? Then the tips below can help you to ease the pain of your baby:

  • Lubricate your baby with cooling aftersun;
  • Put your baby in a lukewarm bath that provides cooling;
  • Prevent irritation by applying some talcum powder in the pleats at the neck and legs.

Important tips for your baby in the sun

Protect your baby in the sun as much as possible by following the advice below. Then nothing can happen!

  • Purchase UV-resistant clothing, which offers good protection against the sun (equals factor 50);
  • The sun is strongest between 11.00 and 15.00, at those times try to keep your baby out of the sun; ;
  • Put your baby a sun hat or cap to protect the scalp and prevent sunstroke;
  • Also apply when your baby is in the shade or when it is cloudy;
  • Lubricate every 2 hours and always after swimming (even if the sunburn is resistant to water).
  • Provide sunscreens in your car and parasols on the pram;
  • Also protect the eyes with baby sunglasses (if your baby permits) with CE mark.

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