Twice yes! Pregnant and get married

Are you pregnant and are you getting married? Then you are going to have a very special time. Stunningly beautiful, busy and expensive. Do you want to enjoy this time unconcerned? Then make sure you arrange the finances properly. Here you can read which costs you can expect at get pregnant and get married and even better, how you can pay them.

What are the costs of getting pregnant and getting married?

Money is probably the last thing you want to keep busy with your wedding. Nevertheless, your big day will cost a lot of costs. A wedding costs an average of € 14,303 in the Netherlands. You can save a lot of money by keeping your wedding small. With a large wedding you can of course count on more costs. And then the costs for your baby.

Before your baby is born, you already have a lot to purchase. Nibud researched the costs of a baby. For around € 620, - you have the first baby clothes, the baby room and the basic care articles for your baby. This includes items that not everyone buys, such as a pram, a playpen box and a high chair. In total you pay about € 1500 for a complete baby set!

How do you pay the costs of pregnancy and marriage?

When pregnant and married you get to deal with double costs, your wedding and the baby set. Until the seventies it was customary for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding. Nowadays many couples pay their wedding themselves. For example, they have spared this. What is also common is that the parents of the bride and groom pay for a specific part of the wedding, such as the wedding dress or dinner.

A third option to pay for your wedding is to borrow money. You can do this at a bank but you can also choose to borrow money from your (clean) parents. For this, (clean) parents usually do not charge interest. Most couples pay the baby care themselves. Some prospective grandfathers and grandmothers give a gift or a part of the baby set-up as a gift.

You can also borrow money from a lender or your (clean) parents for the baby set-up. At many stores you can also choose to pay your baby set-up, this is also called buying on payment.

Saving tips for the wedding and pregnancy

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