Mops broken, what does that mean?

During your pregnancy, your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid along with the amniotic fluid. This bag ensures that the amniotic fluid stays in your body and your baby is protected. The amniotic sac contains membranes and these are attached to the cervix and the placenta.
Do you feel in advance if you break membranes? Whether you feel like coming or you membranes broken that is different for every woman. Read more about this in this blog!

Smudges break, how does that feel?

To the question: do you feel in advance if you break membranes, multiple answers are possible. Only 10% of all pregnant women can recognize broken membranes because they lose a lot of amniotic fluid in one go. In these cases, the membranes are broken at the cervix.

But when your membranes tear at the top of the uterus, you will lose some amniotic fluid. It is then a lot harder to recognize broken membranes. Some women do not even notice it because they only lose a few drops at a time. In this case you do not immediately lose all the amniotic fluid and it is not so bad that you do not immediately start to ring.

Mops broken or not?

If you feel a strong flow of fluid from your vagina at once, your membranes are broken. You can not stop this flow, as you can do with urine, for example. Do you notice that you lose some fluid and have you been pregnant for more than 37 weeks? Then this can also be amniotic fluid.

Fruit water smells a bit sweet. In most cases the contractions also start within 24 hours and then the delivery starts. Do not be afraid if your membranes are not broken, but you already have contractions. This is all right during the delivery!

Color amniotic fluid

The amniotic fluid is usually transparent with some white flakes in it. If you have the opportunity, it is good to receive something. If the amniotic fluid is clear and your baby has descended, you can call the midwife. It may also be that the amniotic fluid is somewhat rosy because there is a little bit of blood.

Is the color of the amniotic fluid green or brown, then there is relief of your baby and it is good to call your midwife right away!

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Mops broken, and now?

If your membranes are broken, waiting for the contractions. Normally it is not necessary to call your midwife right away, because your baby will still be seated. Only when you feel contractions can you call. It is best to relax yourself because then the contractions get going the fastest. Since there is no more protection for your child, the risk of infections is high. Therefore, regularly measure your temperature. If you stay below 37.8 degrees Celsius, it's good, if you're up there call the midwife.

Infections after your membranes are broken can be prevented by:

  • Immediately change your bed;
  • Do not put a tampon in;
  • Regularly changing your sanitary napkin;
  • Do not have sex;
  • No bath to take (showering is allowed).

Do you want to rupture membranes or break up membranes?

Do you feel real contractions, but are your membranes not broken yet? Do not break the webs yourself! This should, of course, go. You also can not stimulate breakage. It is very common that the membranes have not yet been broken while delivery has already begun. Vomiting happens during the delivery by midwives.

Smudges broken, but no contractions?

If your contractions have not started yet within 24 hours of breaking the membranes, you must call the midwife. He or she will refer you to the hospital where you will be introduced.
In very rare cases it can happen that you lose amniotic fluid before you are 37 weeks pregnant. Then it is also good to call your midwife so that action can be taken.

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