Pregnancy mask, what can you do about it?

A pregnancy sickness that you do not get sick of or that hinders you in your daily functioning is it pregnancy mask. A pregnancy mask is also not harmful to your health and you do not suffer from it, it is not always beautiful. Read here what a pregnancy mask is and how you can prevent and treat it.

What is a pregnancy mask?

A pregnancy mask is a mask of pigment (dark spots) on the face of a pregnant woman. These (dark) brown spots are mainly on the forehead, the cheeks, around the lips and eyes. Sometimes it can also occur on the arms and neck. A pregnancy mask is also called Melasma. Women who are in the second or third trimester of their pregnancy can receive Melasma. After childbirth it gradually disappears.

What causes a pregnancy mask?

Just like with all other pregnancy ailments, pregnancy hormones are the culprit in this ailment. Due to the fluctuations in the hormones progesterone and estrogen, the cells in the face make more pigment. This creates dark spots on the face. Pigment is a dye that is in our skin.

When our skin comes into contact with the sun (or sun bed), pigment ensures that our skin turns brown and our skin is protected. Because of the hormonal fluctuations, some places become more brown than others. A pregnancy mask is more common in women who are prone to the development of pigmentation spots. If you know this about yourself, try to avoid it as much as possible by staying out of the sun.

Always try to avoid a pregnancy mask

It is much better to try to avoid a pregnancy mask than to treat it when you have it. You only have to do one thing to prevent it: avoid the sun and rub your face with a high factor (for example factor 50). If your face does not see sunlight, your skin will discolour less quickly.
Are you pregnant in the spring or summer? Smear your face well, stay in the shade as much as possible and wear a hat or cap when you walk outside.

Treat pregnancy mask during pregnancy

If you have received a pregnancy mask, you can be the first to try to get rid of it. This is completely harmless. You can try to get rid of it with a layer of foundation or powder. Have you never used this? In the drugstore or perfume business you can always ask for free advice on the color and which covers the best.

Never start treating your pregnancy mask with drugs that treat general Melasma. These may contain substances that are harmful to your baby. What you can possibly do is pigment cream or serum use of Biodermal. For safety reasons, ask your doctor if these products can not cause any damage. Other treatments are not sensible during pregnancy.

Treatment after pregnancy

After the birth, the pigment spots will disappear automatically. This can take a few months. If it does not go away by itself, you can try certain treatments if you want more children. Once you have had a pregnancy mask, chances are that you will get it again with your next pregnancy. Perhaps it is better to wait with an expensive treatment until your family is complete.

Finally, it is always very wise to consult with your doctor which treatment method is best. It does not matter which one you choose, there is always a risk. Treatment methods against a pregnancy mask are:

  • Hydroquinone containing cream:

    These creams turned out to be the skin. Be advised in the store first or ask your doctor which cream you can use best. The use is not always without risks. Sometimes your skin can become too pale. There are also preparations with hydroquinone. These can be prescribed by your doctor. Keep in mind that the pigment can come back over time.

  • Laser therapy:

    This is a fairly costly treatment that can give good results. Especially the ruby ​​laser seems to be effective. Unfortunately, after this treatment the pregnancy mask can also come back with a next pregnancy.

  • Other methods:

    Peeling, OPL treatment, IPL treatment and coagulation.

So there are methods to treat a pregnancy mask both during and after pregnancy, but prevention is always better than cure!

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