Development baby 0 weeks old

How incredible is this moment? This moment that you can finally hold your little baby in your arms ?! Can you understand that 9 months have already passed? Bizarre right? In this week you will mainly get used to each other and to this new situation. You have to get used to a life with (a new) baby and your baby has to get used to that cold and hard outside world. In our baby calendar you can follow the development of your baby, to start: The development baby 0 weeks old.

In short: Development baby 0 weeks old

  • Your baby recognizes your voice and smell
  • The first week your baby will have to be fed every 3 hours.
  • Your baby sleeps about 17 hours a day.
  • Mother will suffer from blood loss.
  • Mother will be able to suffer from stitches.
  • The body of mother must be pregnant.
  • This week you can benefit from maternity care.

Follow the development of your baby in the baby calendar of Zo Zwanger

Development baby 0 weeks old:

There is not much to report yet, but still!

  • Uncontrolled movements

    If your baby is 0 weeks old, there will of course not be many developments. Still, your newborn baby may already be more than you think! Although it is uncontrolled, your baby can already move with the arms and legs. The hands are often squeezed like small fists (how cute!).

  • Recognizes your smell and voice

    In the womb your baby has already heard your voice frequently. That was not without reason. Now that your baby has left the warm bath, your voice is the only thing he or she still recognizes. That can be a great reassurance for your child. In addition, research shows that babies can recognize the smell of their own mothers from as many as 20 other mothers. Special right?

  • Feeding, defecating, sleeping

    You do not have a lot of interaction with your baby the first weeks after birth. He or she sleeps 17 hours a day! Especially in the beginning it is mainly about the primitives needs: eating, pooping and sleeping. Every 3 hours your baby will announce that it is time for a new diet. In total he or she is awake for an hour and then go back to dreamland. Sleeping is not yet available in the coming weeks.

How is Mom doing?

How is our mother doing now that she has just given birth to her beautiful child? When it comes to your baby, your life will mainly consist of feeding your baby, changing and falling asleep together. In addition, you will also have to take a lot of rest. Your body has to defecate: you can have some cramps and after-effects the first days, you have blood loss, headaches and you can be forgetful and weepy. Nothing wrong with that. So make good use of your maternity help this week. He or she is nothing for nothing!


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Tips of the week

Here are some tips that fit the development baby 0 weeks old:

  • Make clear agreements with your partner about the power supplies, make a schedule if necessary.
  • If your baby sleeps, you can also sleep well. Your maternity assistant will help you with the housekeeping this week, so close those eyes!
  • Get enough bed rest, you just gave birth.
  • Do not forget to go out once, for example to walk after the birth, fresh air can do wonders.

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