Choose the right baby toy

Of course you want to spoil your little miracle with fun toys. But it's right choose baby toys is not that easy yet. And from how many months can your baby play with baby toys? You can read it all in this blog where I give some play tips for the best baby toys from 0 to 9 months.

Choose the best baby toys for babies from 0 to 6 months

When your little boy or girl is just born, the world is still a big haze. Your child can not yet distinguish colors well and everything that is more than 30 centimeters is out of focus. Visibility becomes a lot better in the first few months and your baby can gradually distinguish colors and details from each other.

From 4 months old your baby can recognize toys and objects. From that moment on your baby also has more toys. Also from that moment on the senses will develop more. This way your baby will follow movements, recognize sounds and grab objects. It is therefore good to stimulate the senses even more with baby toys. But be careful not to over-stimulate your baby by loading him or her with toys. Choose 4 fixed toys and exchange them regularly.

Suitable toy baby up to 6 months

Toys and other baby equipment are good ways to stimulate your child's senses. Toys that are very suitable for your baby are Bumba toys or Bumba television shows. Bumba toys are especially for babies and toddlers. But you can also opt for other baby toys. Make sure that you have enough variety in the type of baby toy so that you stimulate various senses of your child.

  • fabric hugs or rags (feel);
  • activity-center, play mat (movement);
  • singing songs, rhymes or a music box, CDs with nursery rhymes (listening);
  • mobile, cardboard booklets (look);
  • ducklings for bath, rattle, rattle bracelet, baby garland, diver (grabbing);
  • teether, horn, toys made from natural raw materials (in the mouth).

Toy baby 6 months

If your baby is 6 months old, he can follow objects faster with his or her eyes. In addition, eye and hand coordination works better and he or she can pick up toys or other things. Everything he can pick up goes straight to the mouth. It is therefore wise to keep small items away from your baby. Your baby is now also more discovering and can roll and even crawl. You can stimulate crawling by putting baby toys a bit further away.

Suitable toy baby 6 months

  • small mirror, sturdy books, picture book (see);
  • music, drum, boxes and trays that rattle (hear);
  • playing cloth and booklets with embossed, wood toys (touch);
  • toys where your baby can fill holes (coordination).

Toys from 9 months

If your baby is 9 months old, he or she can pick up objects with one hand. That is because motor skills are getting better. Smaller objects are becoming more and more interesting because your baby can now pick them up. It is good to stimulate this fine motor skills by buying smaller toys such as construction toys, sorting or stacking toys.

You are the best toy yourself

Your child learns most from his or her parents. It is therefore essential that you play with your child every day, such as peek-a-boo, talking to your baby, hide and seek, reading aloud and so on.

Walker baby

In principle you can buy a walking frame for your baby from about 6 months, but there are many contradictory messages about this. Although they are still available in the Netherlands, a baby walker is forbidden in Canada. The American Academy of Pediatrics also discourages the use of a walking frame because it can slow down the motor skills of your child and cause back problems. The risk of falling is also considerable. A rocking chair is good to help develop the muscles in the legs of your child.

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