Shocking! Almost 10% of women smoke sometimes during pregnancy!

The Trimbos Institute recently published the results of its research. It shows that 9 percent of mothers who now have a child between the ages of 0 and 4 years old have come up with a cigarette when they were pregnant. A shocking message right? 1 in 10 women so that being pregnant sometimes smokes. Well that is quite a lot if you keep smoking with an unborn baby in your stomach! Especially now that we know what the consequences are of smoking when you are pregnant. Or am I wrong?

The Trimbos research also tells that it is mainly young mothers between 18 and 24 years old. With a secondary or lower education and often without a partner. This research also shows that 1 in 20 women drank alcohol when they knew they were pregnant, often only a few sips. Yet?
Fortunately, the use of drugs is rare, only 0.1%.

5 out of 100 women smoke during the whole pregnancy!

A month before the pregnancy, 17% of all mothers who participated in the study smoked and during pregnancy that percentage dropped to 9%. Of these 9%, 5% smoked occasionally during all trimesters of pregnancy and 4% only 1 or 2 trimesters.
Of the 100 women, 5 of them smoke now and again during pregnancy!
And almost half of all women who have stopped smoking during pregnancy start smoking again after giving birth.

More than half of the partners continue to smoke

More than half (57%) of the smoking partners continue to smoke if their wife is pregnant with their child. Bad 7% use the pregnancy to also stop smoking and one third of the partners smoke less. Only 5% have stopped smoking.
If you also stop smoking as a partner, it is easier for your pregnant wife or girlfriend to stop smoking.

Trimbos started the research in the autumn of 2016 and announced the first results in 2017.
Stopping smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy is important for a healthy pregnancy and the growth of your unborn baby.

Even after birth, your child may suffer from the adverse effects of smoking during pregnancy.
You can read the full research here.

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