What does my baby look like later?

Your baby is the only thing that really belongs to you. Every body cell is made from your genes. You did not need any tools here. Mega special right? And even though you (and especially the ladies) have 'made it' yourself, you do not know what your baby will look like. Quite strange actually! I regularly wonder: what does my baby look like later?

The answer to that question is quite difficult to find. But I have now found a website that can illuminate a small point of the veil. Because of this you will know a little later how your baby looks later. Exciting!

Appearance baby predicting app

I came across a website that can answer the question: what will my baby look like later. How? Pretty simple by 'morphing' a picture of you and your partner. That means that your photos are joined together and a baby comes out that looks like you. Really mega funny! On the website you can upload a photo of yourself and that of your partner to predict the appearance of your baby.

Do not have a partner yet or are you curious how a baby of yours and Brad Pitt will look like? Then you can also 'morph' your own photo with that of Brad Pitt. Of course you can choose for many other handsome men, those photos are all ready for you.

What does my baby look like later?

And now the conclusion of my own question: what does my baby look like later? I uploaded a picture of myself and of my husband and I 'got' 3 potential babies.

The first one I got right away.

Then I saw that you could still choose a boy or girl. I did that too and I have 3 of them. I must say honestly: my husband and I make beautiful babies! If my babies later look like this, I am very satisfied.

If it becomes a boy!

Or maybe a girl?

But alas, even if it is a combination of my genes with that of Shrek (you can also take that photo), my baby is still the most beautiful.

What does your baby look like? Try it yourself on the Morph Thing website!

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