Baby with IUD goes viral in hand: True or false?

A photo of a baby with an IUD in his hand recently went viral on social media. The impression is created that at birth the baby holds the coil of his mother in his hand. It is claimed that the baby was born with the coil in his hand. This post was posted on Facebook by his mother, Lucy Hellein from Alabama, but she never thought that he would be shared so often. Is it true that little Dexter was born as the baby with an IUD in hand?

Baby with IUD in hand is massively shared

The picture where the baby in his right hand holds his mother's coil with the text "Mirena Fail!" Has been shared tens of thousands of times. The IUD should actually have prevented him from ever being born.

You also have to look carefully because the coil is not immediately visible. (Source: facebook)

The IUD had just been placed and three weeks later Lucy had become pregnant. The IUD then disappeared from the picture and the doctors could no longer find it. It was suspected that it had fallen out. Only after the delivery it became clear where it had gone.

The birth became a Caesarean section and despite the fact that the picture indicates that the baby with an IUD was born in his hand, the gynecologist finally found the IUD behind the placenta. A nurse put the Mirena spiral in the baby's hand and a friend took the picture. The photo was initially placed on Instagram and later massively shared on Facebook.
The photo is not fake, but it is put in scene.

(Source: Instagram)

The Mirena spiral is normally 99% effective in preventing pregnancy but occasionally it goes wrong. At first the doctors wanted to remove the IUD when it was known that she was pregnant, but they could not find the mirena spiral.
Dexter is already world famous and will only have to say later: "I was that baby with IUD in my hand".

(Source: Facebook)

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