Ford's baby crib sends baby to sleep during car trips

Do you recognize that: your baby can not sleep at night and therefore keeps you and your partner from a good night's sleep. At your wit's end you step into the car with your baby, because you know that a small car ride does wonders for awakening the sleep of your newborn child.
This is probably due to the sound of the car and the swaying movements. It is a good method, but not always useful. With your sleepy head you still have to drive and it also costs extra petrol. Ford has something on this. The baby crib from Ford simulates the car ride! The cradle can rock your baby asleep without a car ride while you crawl into bed again!

Ford's baby crib simulates a car ride

How does Ford's baby crib work that is driving in the car? It is actually very simple. You can connect the cradle to your smartphone. With an app on your phone you can record a certain car ride. For example, the journey in which your baby drowsiest the fastest. The app registers everything from the car ride: the sound, the movements and even the street lighting. The cradle 'Max Motor Dreams' can then reproduce the car ride. The street lighting is imitated by means of the LED lighting on the inside of the cradle.

Where can you buy Ford's cradle?

We can imagine that you are about to jump to buy Ford's baby crib. Unfortunately, it is not yet on the market. At the moment, Ford has only developed a prototype. Because Ford has already received many positive reactions and a lot of demand for the product, the company is considering bringing the cradle to the market.

New parents often suffer from sleep deprivation

The reason Ford has designed a cradle that simulates a car ride is because they have concluded from their own research that parents of newborn babies suffer from a considerable sleep shortage. In the first year of life of your newborn child you as a parent only get an average of 5 hours of sleep per night. In a year's time you will miss a total of 44 days of sleep! It would be nice if something could be done about this by buying Ford's baby crib!

Watch the promo video of the crib

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