Electric cargo bikes

Do you have to carry more than 2 children, or a lot of stuff? Do you want to be 'green'? Maybe an electric cargo bike is something for you! Especially if you have to cycle a longer distance. Because you have pedal assistance, driving on such an electric cargo bike is a piece of cake. Interested? Read more about this here electric cargo bikes.

Benefits of an electric cargo bike

An electric cargo bike certainly has a number of advantages. If you compare it with a normal cargo bike, you do not have to kick yourself out of the seam with an electric version. This is very useful if the cargo bike is fully loaded with 3 children or a lot of stuff and you still have to cycle a bit.

Compared to a car, an electric tricycle is of course a lot more environmentally friendly while you can still have something of 4 children in it (if you take a big one). There are also bakfietsen with a large range by the Lithium-Ion battery with which you can cover anything from 40 to 60 kilometers!

Do you live in the city? Then an electric tricycle can really offer a solution. You do not have to worry about a parking space anymore!

Different types of electric carrier bikes

There are different types of cargo bikes. The first distinction is whether you have a two-wheeler or a three-wheeler.

  • Features two-wheeler

    A two-wheeler is a lighter bike than a tricycle and also much more agile and narrower. The bike also rides more comfortably over a bumpy road than a tricycle. Pay attention to the standard, which can often be unstable in many two-wheelers. If you have to make a lot of turns and have to be able to anticipate quickly in heavy traffic, a two-wheeler is better than a three-wheeler.

  • Features tricycle

    A tricycle can take more weight. You can put in no less than four children! The bin is also larger and the bike remains reasonably stable under a heavy weight. You have no hassle with the standard with a tricycle. The disadvantage of a tricycle is that it is less agile and you do not ride very smoothly over bumps.

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Electric tricycle test

If you are going to buy an electric tricycle, it is always wise to take a good test drive so that you can test how the bike feels. The Consumers' Association also draws your attention to the following points:

  • Look at the power of the engine. An electric cargo bike with 180 Watt is really too little. The maximum power is 250 Watt
  • Make sure the bucket height is not too low, but much too high is not good either. Your child must be able to climb in (with help). A step can be very useful!
  • A motor in the rear wheel is not always useful. You can not switch at standstill and this system is more sensitive to maintenance.
  • What is useful is a walking or parking aid on the tricycle. Without having to pedal, the bike will ride with you.
  • Do you have a wooden tray? Do not take a container of inexpensive pressed veneer.
  • Always pay attention to the finish so that your children can not hurt themselves.

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Best electric bakfiets 2018

There has not yet been a test of electric carrier bicycles in 2018. In 2013 there has been a test by the cyclists' federation. The Urban Arrow with Bosch support came out as the best in the test. This cargo bike is a two-wheeler with a good standard and very light.
In the second place was the Cargobike Lang and in third place the Babboe E-city.

Electric tricycle Babboe

Babboe is a well-known brand in the bakbikes. Here you can buy carrier bikes with and without electric pedal assistance. You can find all kinds of cargo bikes like different two-wheelers and tricycles. For a good cargo bike you can quickly put more than 2000 euros. Do you want to turn your current cargo bike into an electric version? Babboe can help you!

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Used electric delivery bike

Of course you can also buy second-hand electric delivery bikes for example at marketplace. This is a good way to purchase a cheap electric tricycle. Be very careful with this. Always pay attention to the points that we have mentioned earlier, such as a good standard, maneuverability and a safe box for the children. Always make a test drive to see how the electric tricycle feels and it can also be useful to take a test drive on a normal electric bike to experience the difference.

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