Why do men find pregnant women attractive?

Many women with children will not consider the pregnancy as a period where they felt very attractive. Certainly not in the first trimester (hello pregnancy sicknesses) or in the last trimester (hello pregnancy silos). Yet there are enough men who find pregnant women attractive. How do men respond to pregnancy? And why? Read the answer here!

Pregnant women are attractive to a man

Look, it is of course a bit of yourself. A pregnant woman who looks fresh, has not showered herself for 3 days and walks around in a jogging suit is not really attractive to anyone. But that would not be the case if there was no baby in the belly. But pregnant women who look after them are considered very attractive by some men. Anyway of course by the father of the child, but also by strangers. Before you do not dare to go out the door again: this does not apply to everyone.

There are also enough men who do not find a pregnant belly attractive. We do not know how many percent of men find a pregnant woman attractive. What we do know is that in every feeling you never have to feel unattractive when you are pregnant. Certainly not if you are in the fine second trimester, because then you suffer less from pregnancy ailments and many women have that beautiful pregnancy glow.

Reasons why men find pregnant women attractive

There are men who find almost every pregnant woman attractive. Even though they do not know the pregnant person in question at all. The reasons for this are probably:

  • A pregnant woman is the epitome of fertility. From an evolutionary point of view, men are always looking for a fertile woman so that he can reproduce. And even if the child is not his, the very fact that you can become pregnant shows that you are fertile.
  • Pregnant women have firm, round and larger breasts. And yes, many men like that.
  • This point may be far-fetched, but it may play a role: a pregnant woman refers to being a mother or being a mother. Perhaps many men unconsciously think of their own mother and their own mother is of course always attractive.
  • Pregnancy glow: some (happy) women have a beautiful pregnancy glow. Your skin shines, your cheeks are light pink, your face is fuller and you exude energy. This is of course very irresistible for men.

Why your own partner finds you irresistible

Some men find almost all pregnant women attractive, but most men only find their own pregnant wife irresistible. That's because of:

  • Your breasts that are firm and round and may have grown with 2 cup sizes.
  • That beautiful glow of pregnancy that makes you a walking angel for your partner.
  • Your husband has 'scored'; he has succeeded in getting you pregnant and he is quite proud of that. Your belly is an ongoing proof of his masculinity.
  • Your husband has a lot of admiration for you. Your body can take it to make a child and give birth later. Respect!
  • You will soon share something that is really only yours. Even the toughest guy finds this a wonderful and beautiful thing.

Behavior men during pregnancy

Pregnant women may be attractive during pregnancy, they are not always true angels. There is nothing wrong with that, after all, you have a hard time. But that does not detract from the fact that your partner can also have a hard time. There are men who will be very much against the whole event. They feel that their lives are 'over' in a couple of months, and that feeling ensures that they are now going to put the flowers out. Not fun for you as a pregnant woman.

But you can also have the opposite. These are the men who mainly move with you (perhaps because they have read Kluun's book "Help! I have made my wife pregnant"). They will not enter into discussion with you and want to take care of you. This is mainly because you carry a large valuable possession with you. Some men go very far here and treat you as if you are sugar. They will really do everything for you and want to protect you for everything. Sounds very sweet, but can also be shitty.

The most important thing is that you continue to give your limits and make everything discussible. In addition, it is good to realize that your partner also goes through a change, try to understand this. Finally: never feel unattractive, because you radiate that. Feel yourself beautiful and enjoy the moments during pregnancy where you feel good. Because women who are radiant and self-assured are incredibly sexually attractive to the partner. And believe us: there are times when your libido is quite high and then it is good to continue your best.

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