Buying a car seat tips, what do you have to pay attention to?

The safety of your child is of course in the first place. It is therefore essential that you purchase a good car seat. Not every seat can be used in every car and not every child seat is suitable for every child. Below are some important tips that you can look out for if you have one buy a car seat so that your child is optimally protected.

Which car seat to buy for your child?

Car seats are divided into groups. This group classification is based on the weight and age of your child. On the basis of these factors you can determine from which group the child seat should be.

Group 0up to 10 kilogramsup to about 9 months old
Group 0+up to 13 kilogramsup to 1 year old
Group 19 to 18 kilogramsfrom 9 months to 4 years old
Group 215 to 25 kilograms3 to 6 years old
Group 322 to 36 kilograms6 to 12 years old

Do you want to know if your car has Isofix? Check the website of the manufacturer of the car seat or the user manual or your car brand.

Confirmation of car seats in the car

There are two ways to attach a car seat in the car: with the car's belt or with the so-called Isofix connectors. The Isofix attachment points are fitted in most new cars. If you have an older car, it is possible that you do not have Isofix. In that case it is important to buy a car seat that can be fastened with a 3-point belt.

In terms of safety, Isofix scores better, although there are plenty of car seats with seatbelt attachments that have passed the crash test with flying colors. In any case, make sure that you are sure that the seat is properly attached.

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Looking forward or looking back in a car seat?

Since 2013 it is mandatory to carry your child backwards or backwards as long as possible. A rear-view car seat is a lot safer. Should there be a head-on collision, the neck and head of the child will be 5 times less exposed to the forces than in a forward-looking seat. Let your baby sit in the rearview position as long as possible until he or she is about 13 kilograms or heavier or until the head rises above the edge of the seat.

Buy or buy a new car seat?

Car seats are often quite pricey, especially the seats with Isofix. It is therefore not surprising that you are considering buying a second-hand version. Especially given that a chair only lasts for a short time. Buying a used car seat is basically fine, but am 100% sure that the seat has never been involved in an accident. If that is the case then the child seat can be damaged inside so that it no longer offers good protection.

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Tip if you have to give birth soon!

Do you still have to give birth and have you bought a car seat? Then practice to put the seat in the car. This may sound strange, but if you have never done this before, it can be tricky. Especially when your baby is in the Maxi-Cosi, you want the placement of the chair to go well at once.

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