10 common mistakes in raising your child

Educating your child is a difficult task. What we all want most is that our children are happy and make some of life. Education plays a role in this, but finding a good balance is not always easy. The basis of every upbringing must be love, guidance, stimulation and support. How you react and deal with your child partially determines the behavior and character of your child.
Read the below 10 common mistakes in parenting your child and how these mistakes manifest themselves in the behavior.

Educating your child and the relationship with the behavior

  1. Being very irritable to your child

    We do not all have our day, but that does not mean that you have to take care of this on your child. If you do this regularly, this will be reflected in the mysterious behavior of your child. In addition, your child may have problems with or get trust in people.

  2. Help your child with everything or do everything for him

    You probably mean it very well, but if you as a parent do everything for your child what he or she can do, this is not always good. It is possible that your child will become indecisive and shy because they have not learned to be independent.

  3. Common mistakes in raising your child and the relationship with undesirable behavior

  4. Buy everything for your child

    Do you buy everything that your child asks for, but does he or she still take the toys from others? That is probably because you did not teach your child to choose. Always get everything, is always wanting everything!

  5. You often compare your child with someone else

    Do you often compare your child with others? The result may be that you get a jealous child who envies others and does not care much for them.

  6. Being rude, aggressive or rude to others or your child

    Children who are rude, clumsy or aggressive are naturally not their own. They usually copy this behavior from their parents. So always try to set a good example for your child.

  7. Give your child little attention

    Are you often away from home, are you busy and regularly trying to spend time with your child?
    A child who receives too little attention structurally can become an angry and impatient child who literally screams for attention. After all, your child does not know how he or she can get attention.

  8. Be very responsive if your child makes a mistake

    People are already making mistakes and children, but that is actually not bad. Yet parents can sometimes react very strongly or even become very angry if the child makes a mistake. Because your child does not want you to become so angry again, he or she will lie to you more quickly.

  9. Always tell your child what to do

    If you always tell your child what he or she should do without taking into account his or her feelings, this may affect your child's behavior. Often the children are disrespectful to others because they do not know how to take their feelings into account.

  10. Punishing your child in the presence of others

    Punishing your child a lot while there are others (including brothers or sisters) has more effect on your child than you might think. The result may be that your child later finds it difficult to stand up for themselves in difficult situations because they do not want to be denigrated again.

  11. Do not take into account the wishes of your child, because you know better

    Forcing your child to (for example) follow a course that seems best to you is not always the right way.
    It is important to recognize the wishes and unique qualities of your child and let him or her be himself. Otherwise it can happen that your child later becomes very passive and makes no more of it.

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